Sex Magic

Great Times to Perform Sex Magic

Great Times to
Perform Sex Magic





Sex Magic Rituals

Learn to use your sexual energy to manifest. Let us guide you in declaring your intentions, creating ritual, and harnessing orgasmic energy, life force and nature to empower your next creation. You can direct, increase, and use sexual energy to manifest your intentions, goals, and desires. This practice will expand your mind, sexual energy, and life. Let us guide you step by step to create and do a Sex Magic Ritual.

It can be done alone or with a partner. It can be used to call in and manifest a partner/soulmate. No prior experience is necessary. Learn to do this practical and orgasmic manifestation ritual monthly, in the comfort of your own home.

Session includes 2 30-minute virtual consultations plus one Sex Magic Ritual for you to use at home. Price $200