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Best Sex & Love Life Coaching

Sacha’s sexual wellness and empowerment coaching, education, & healing arts 


Best Sex & Love Life Sessions

1-hour coaching session

1 homeplay program

Individual: $200
Couples: $250

2-hour coaching session

1 homeplay program

Individual: $300
Couples: $350

“Sacha’s energy just makes you comfortable as you; and she really inspires fun!”

Satisfied client

“I highly recommend Sacha, She is both professional and focused in her work. I was so relaxed and comfortable during this session. I will continue to try other modalities that she offers. I wouldn’t hesitate to call her soon if not now as her bookings get filled quickly! I understand why totally. Thank you Sacha, I feel clear and content in my life.”

Satisfied client


"I am getting so much from your videos!  They are wonderful.  I have been spent the last 2 years searching material from several lightworkers and none ever spoke to me like yours."

"Watched all of the rest of your fellatio videos tonite and shared much with my lover. This is having magnificent results on my confidence and reducing inhibition levels."

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