Our Manifesto

At Sacred Temple Arts Our Manifesto is…

  • We believe pleasure is meant to be a top priority in life.
  • We believe it is up to us to consciously choose and make pleasure our priority.
  • We believe passion and directed (sexual) energy can and will ignite, transform, and create the life of our desires and choosing.
  • We believe with or without a partner, sex and orgasm are as normal and necessary as eating and breathing.
  • We believe we need to talk about sex and to express ourselves sexually more, as sexuality is a natural expression of ourselves.
  • We believe we are all perfect and whole just as we are, human and divine, and that all healing is simply something we do innately.
  • We believe we should treat ourselves and our bodies the way we want others to treat us and them.
  • We believe it is time to let go of negative beliefs, shame, and guilt when it comes to sex.
  • We believe orgasm can be the best medicine, and that consciously connecting and running sexual energy dramatically heals most dissatisfaction with life.
  • We believe we should give and receive healthy touch, as we are mostly starved for this in our culture.
  • We believe sex-positive education and practices-are fodder for more liberating and satisfying sex lives.
  • We believe sex is not about effort. It is about energy.
  • We believe More Sexual Energy+Connection=More Sex & Love=A Better Life!
  • We believe all sex is sacred and improves when it is experienced as such.

Our Motto is…

Choose Pleasure As A Way of Life!