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Sacha’s Recommended Products For Your Best Sex & Love Life!

Recommended Products

We thank you for purchasing our recommended products through our website, as we do receive a small compensation.

We have tested these products and highly recommend them to you because they have benefited us and our clients.

Source School of Tantra

The following products are highly recommended by Sacha, who has advanced training and certification through Source Tantra.

The crystal wand G-spot/Sacred spot massager!
The perfect massage oil!
Herbal Aphrodisiac's!
The original modern Tantra bible!
These CD's are keys to healing and understanding women
A tasteful DVD providing an intro to tantra, and women's sacred spot healing demo
A DVD collection for learning more Sacred Sexuality!
An insightful video on the art and practice of sexual healing.
Learn White Tantra Yoga at home with these CD's
The best package for: an intro to Tantra and a complete course on Sacred Spot Massage

Source Tantra Beginner’s & Intermediate Weekend Workshops!

For more information on these, and on more advanced Source Tantra trainings, contact Sacha for a complimentary consultation to answer all your questions.

The Source Tantra Beginner's Weekend Seminar
The Source Tantra Intermediate Seminar

PAX Programs & Products for Better Relationships

PAX Programs Incorporated is dedicated to promoting peace between women and men, and to supporting satisfying relationships in all contexts.

We recommend all of their products and courses, especially those that Alison Armstrong teaches. Please click on an image below to find out about, sign up for a course, or purchase any of their excellent books, audio’s and DVD’s.

Recommended Courses

Recommended Products

FREE PAX Resources

FREE TeleClass Introduction to PAX

If you are a woman wondering if these courses are right for you call for a FREE Consultation

Good Vibrations! Sex Toys!

Good Vibrations is a sex education and toy store we recommend products from. We have not used all of their products. Please ask us which ones we recommend and we would love your feedback on the ones you use, too. Some of our favorites are:

Doterra Wellness Products & Essential Oils

Clients often ask, “Why does your house smell so good?” Sacha is an avid user of essential oils not only for pleasure, but for personal healing. She has not used all of doterra’s products, but will recommend the ones she has, especially their essential oils. Find out more about these here…