Sacred Temple Arts Policy Concerning COVID-19

Sacred Temple Arts offers mainly Virtual Sessions & Programs.

In-person sessions that are available depend upon the type of session as well as pre-screening.

Most sessions and programs are easily customizable depending upon the current COVID stipulations and client preferences.

 Specific types of bodywork may not be currently available. Please reach out to Sacha to discuss what is and what is not.  

Energywork can be included in both virtual and in-person sessions and experiential somatic-based teaching and practices still offered. 

Sacred Temple Arts is a small home-based office located on the first floor with an easily accessible entrance/exit and restroom.

The entire inside of the building is regularly sanitized and cleaned fully not just by Sacha, but also by the same two specific staff from a local professional cleaning company. Special care is given to the office coaching office space as well as restroom.

Not only is Sacha an OCD clean fanatic :)…she is also obsessed with using the highest quality therapeutic essential oils to regularly sanitize the rooms including the air in. Hand sanitizer will always be available as well as anti-bacterial soap. 

In accordance with the advice of the CDC, which Sacha follows updates on, she and clients, of course, agree on frequent hand washing, avoiding touching one’s face, and covering one’s mouth when coughing or sneezing.

Social distancing is practiced. Since the office is private and social distancing possible, as well as that Sacha feels it unsafe to coach without seeing facial expressions, masks are generally not worn in the coaching office during the session. 

Therapeutic touch, in the form of Sacha’s healing arts she is trained and certified in, is an option once reopened according to the recommended state guidelines. For in-person sessions, please contact Sacha directly (#978-309-9399) for questions regarding the most recent updates and protocols. 

Pre-screening of clients is in effect with the additional questions…

Do you have any current health issues? If yes, please describe.
Have you travelled outside of the US recently?
Have you had any signs of respiratory ailments/illness recently?
Have you been exposed to and/or tested for the COVID-19 (coronavirus)?

as well as careful monitoring of clients in between sessions as to their health and travel status.

Sacha is currently already in a reclusive introverted state in her life where social distancing is a personal preference. Very few and only select people enter not just her home building/sanctuary, but especially her office space.

Sacred Temple Arts remains one of the safest sanctuaries for clients better health and wellness.

As a client of Sacred Temple Arts, please know that part of the Informed Consent Form includes that you keep Sacha abreast of all possible health changes and concerns in between sessions. This form also now includes a specific COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver. For clients who have not received that updated version, they will have to sign a separate COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver. These forms also include the required MA written control plan. 

Please contact Sacha with any questions or concerns regarding this and any other new policy in effect.

To Your Health, Wellness & Pleasure Always.