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*Click on any title in Red to go directly to that video!

Get Your Sexy On With Top-Rated videos including: 

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For this video sex magic is simplified as a ritual created for using your sexual energy to generate and manifest your desire, intention and/or vision. This sex magic ritual can be done solo and/or partnered. Check it out, then create, and do your first sex magic ritual!


Providing SUPERIOR Cunnilingus is an art, and it it about energy, safe porting, and connection, even more than technique. Be sure to check out the entire four part series to become, well, Superior at Cunnilingus, of course!


Giving oral sex to a man can be, and absolutely should be, for your pleasure. This video series gives a fresh perspective on how fellatio can be a sensual/sexual art, and a mind blowing experience for both parties. Be sure to watch all segments of to become masterful at fellatio for your pleasure!

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On the next episode of BINGE LIVE we will interview our channel partner Sacha Fossa from Sacred Temple Arts, who will be talking about the topics she covers in her two BINGE channels.

Posted by BINGEnetworks on Thursday, January 31, 2019

On this episode of BINGE LIVE we will interview our channel partner Sacha Fossa from Sacred Temple Arts. Here is a link to her two BINGE channel:

Posted by BINGEnetworks on Friday, January 18, 2019

The Kornelia Stephanie Show on Transformation Talk Radio:

From sexual abuse to taking your pleasure back, with Sacha Fossa.

Do you like having sex, do you feel good about your body? it’s your pleasure vehicle. The recent me too # viral post that one woman identified with publicly has now created a mass healing for all abused women and men that have been caught in this vicious cycle of sexual abuse, money, power, and manipulation. We will talk about the shame of sexuality, overcoming abuse and rape. What are the challenges this has brought into our relationships and how to overcome them? How to heal from your past and take your body and your pleasure back.

Bonnie Bruderer Interview with Sacha Fossa

Interview With Bonnie Bruder From Binge Networks!

How and why it is so vital to get your Best Sex, and Love Life more, solo and/or partnered! Want to live more orgasmically? How is sex related to receiving in your life? What does “Being” have to do with sex? How does connecting to Nature increase your sexual energy and improve your sex life? In daily life, how can a five minutes a day connection, such as a self-pleasure practice, help you. Your body is your sacred temple. How do you connect and turn it on more? And with a partner. Learn to expand while becoming more embodied, as a path to more consciousness, and to becoming a better lover. What’s Sacred Sexuality about?

Find out more about Sacha, her Sacred Temple Arts, and much more in this interview.

Sacha’s Interview on Voice America, Empowerment Show: The Sky’s The Limit, with Karen Leavitt: 

In this show, we talked openly about Sacha’s background, and past experiences, which included depression and a path of sexual trauma. In learning from her past, she had massive awakenings, that have served her to coach others to live, and embody, a life they truly love. We talked Tantra: what it is, and the different types. Dispelled common misconceptions regarding this healing art, and how each of us can integrate it into our lives. We discussed forgiveness, trust, self-care, self-love, and the importance of these to overall health. As well as other holistic healing practices that she uses to restore your body. If you want more energy, vitality, a life you love, and a renewed outlook on intimacy, whether you’re in a relationship or not, check out Sacha’s interview and learn more about her services!

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