Get Erotically Liberated!

Make Sex, Love, & Life,

Your Playground. Not Battleground!

Let Me Guide You To Your Erotic Liberation!

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Want More Love, More Sex, More Pleasure?

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I’m Sacha. I can help you get the hot juicy sex life you’ve been wanting, partnered of not. You can become Erotically Liberated! Your life, sexually and otherwise, can become your Playground! Not Battleground!

Let me guide you with my unique and modern version of…

Sacred Temple Arts.

Together, we create a holistic approach to your sexual (and overall!) health and well-being.

You can’t have one without the other!

Your Sex Life, solo and/or partnered, is either supporting or denigrating your health, wealth, relationships, and career.

Through tailored coaching, cutting edge sex and intimacy education, and an array of healing arts, (including energy, bodywork, and tantra), we will awaken your sexual energy and revive your life force for accelerated healing, empowerment, and alignment to your unique best sex, and love life!

You will learn how to have  more orgasms, and how to live more orgasmically!

Holistic intuitive coaching and healing work will expand your energy and connection: to yourself, your body, and then to others.

Your well being depends on the state of your sex, intimacy, and relationships!

This is a faster track than traditional talk therapy.

Sacred Temple Arts bring you home to your body, and Being. To your vulnerable, authentic, infinite, joyful and naturally sexy, self.

On your way to your new wildly orgasmic life…

You Receive:

Holistic Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching,

Healing Arts and Therapies including: 

Tantra, Energy & Bodywork 

…to improve your sex and love life immediately!

This is what makes us so unique and more effective than other marriage and sex therapy, and relationship coaching! 

You Get The Best Happy Ending EVER!!!

And no, you won’t get a happy ending tantric massage! I teach it, but I do not provide it!  You will get a better sex and love life, and become a sexual master, which is a far happier ending than a quick sexual release! What I do guarantee is you will get from me the best sex education and coaching, along with tantra, and energy and bodywork, that you have ever had. And you will have FUN along the way!

Life can be – and is meant to be – pleasurable, and yes, even orgasmic!

 “Orgasm — the energy for the creation of life and the creation of your body. What if your life could be an orgasmic experience? It is the energy of total presence, total awareness, total sensation, whether you’re eating food, eating people, or walking on the beach. It makes your body more alive.” -Access Consciousness™

Your pleasure, and orgasm, is integral to your happiness and fulfillment.

Having better to best sex is about energy and connection, far more than effort!

Your life improves dramatically as a result of applying the same principles I teach you to shift your energy and connection, not just in relation to sex, to everything else in your experience, too.

When your sex, & love, life is great (with yourself foremost!), everything else gets better.

Yes, your primary sexual and otherwise relationship is with yourself.

How is that going for you?

Ready To Radically Improve Your Sex & Love Life? 

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Enjoy more intimacy at any age!

By naturally increasing your sexual energy and skills, you can actually regenerate yourself, your relationships, and your sex!

Sexual energy is the real fountain of youth!

Mastering your sexual energy can be fun and easy, at any age! This experience is for everyone, in a relationship or not.

“Sexualness – is about having that energy of gifting and receiving. It’s the energy of life, what you feel in nature, no judgment. It’s the energy of the gift that bodies are, the enjoyment that they are, the gratitude for them, the contribution that they are, the contribution that their movement is and invites others to. Sexualness is the healing, caring, nurturing, joyful, creative, generative, expansive and orgasmic energy.” -Access Consciousness™Save

Sex, Intimacy, & Relationship Coaching

 Come learn how to become an Erotic Detective, and to get to the underlying source of whatever your symptoms, problems, and/or challenges are. We will explore innovative pathways to clearing any obstacles, and incorporate more pleasure as a means of healing, into your life.  No sex, intimacy and/or relationship challenge is too big, or too small. All types of relationships, sexual preferences, and lifestyle choices are honored. Having a partner is not needed. Your most important sex, intimacy, and primary relationship, is in fact with yourself.

Discover alternatives to traditional thinking, and develop out of the box solutions, along with far more possibilities.

Ancient & Modern Tantra tantra_02

Sexual energy is your quintessential spiritual essence, your fuel, for uniting body, soul and spirit, within you, and with another(s). Come to awaken your Consciousness with more sexual pleasure, and even ecstasy. Release eons of shame and guilt, culturally ingrained, and become Erotically Liberated. Be a Masterful Lover, with yourself and others. Fully awakening your sexual energy through tantra practices—is a key to your vitality.

Your Sex is Sacred, and in tantra we bring back the Sacred as Sexy!

Do you want more love and better sex?

Do you desire a more satisfying sex, and love life, partnered or not? Discover how Sacred Temple Arts can help you get the sex & love life you really want!

"The disharmonies often expressed in the form of nagging, may usually be traced to a lack of knowledge on the subject of sex. Where love, romance and the proper understanding of the emotion and function of sex abide, there is no disharmony between married people. "

"The entire subject of sex is one which the majority of people appear to be unpardonably ignorant."

-Think and Grow Rich, Chapter 11 The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, The tenth step towards riches, p. 278-289,

by Napoleon Hill

Are you ready to heal the past, become more empowered, and start to experience the sex and love and life you really want? Then awakening and expanding your sexual energy and connection is paramount!

You Can Easily with Best Sex & Love Life Coaching

These customized personal coaching sessions give you the knowledge, tools, practices and experiences to ignite your sex, your love, and your entire life!

Sessions & Programs, In Person/Virtual, Include:

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Best Sex & Love Life Coaching

These customized personal coaching sessions, packages and programs give you the knowledge, tools, practices, and experiences to ignite your sex, your love, and your entire life!

Sexification! Click To Read All About!

Customized private or semi-private classes, workshops, immersion programs, and weekend get-a-ways are also offered.

If you wish for us to travel to you, for private sessions, speaking engagements, or workshops, please contact us to discuss.

Erotic Blueprint Coaching™

These coaching sessions, programs and workshops are a deep dive into The Erotic Blueprints™ created by Jaiya. Sacha is a Certified and Licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach™ through her. Erotic Blueprints™ are for everybody, individuals and couples. This system of erotic empowerment will get you the mastery you have only dreamed of. 


  • Uncover The Secret Code To Experiencing Mind Blowing Ecstasy

  • Discover The Language Of Deep Connection, Hot Passion & Sexual Satisfaction

  • Experience A Revolutionary System Called Erotic Blueprints Breakthough™

  • Get The Skills To Feed, Speak, Heal & Expand Into Orgasmic Possibilities You Didn’t Even Know Were Possible!

  • Become Erotically Empowered

  • Learn New Skills & Games For The Bedroom & Beyond

  • Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Program! 8 Module Coaching Course Program For Erotic Blueprint™ Mastery

  • Passionate Possibilities Session

  • Erotic Blueprint™ workshops & events

  • Erotic Blueprint™ speaking engagements available. 

  • Erotic Persona & Boudoir Discovery Sessions & Programs!

Working with Sacred Temple Arts helped me to overcome many difficulties in my life. From sexual performance issues to self confidence in general, STA coaching and energywork helped me to rediscover the joy in my life and to rekindle my sex and love life.

Satisfied client

Sacred Temple Arts is helping me develop union between my sex drive and my heart. Now that I am learning to bring deep love into sexual play, sex is no longer about ‘getting off’- but about opening up both my partner and myself to a higher consciousness, and bliss that permeates my whole life.

Satisfied client