Let Me Guide You To Your Unique & Essential Erotic Liberation!

Make Sex, Love, & Life
Your Playground!
Not Battlefield!

Isn’t Now The Time To Radically Improve Your Sex & Love Life?

Sacred Temple Arts is your invitation to do so! 

Being the greatest lover is not at all what most people think.

Sure, it includes the best skills and techniques for touching bodies, arousal and all types of sexual play.

And really GREAT lovers…

 know and love their own body as well as being embodied!

We allow, cultivate and direct energy as arousal to move through us, consciously and copiously!

Would you like me to teach you (and your partner(s) the skills?

With the most important, usually missing part of somatic experiencing

Becoming the best lover becomes natural as it is learned.

I have dedicated decades to this and would love to support you in your mastery of!

What are you doing to increase your lover skills and your natural way of being in and loving your body?


When your sex & love life is great (with yourself foremost!) everything else gets better!

Because sex is part of being a human animal we assume that we should know how to do it naturally.
Sex is natural, but making love is an art!

Do you want to be just a f***er?

Or do you want to BE A MASTER LOVER? 

 Do you fumble around in your intimate relationships?

How fulfilled and satisfied do you honestly feel in your sex and love life right now, partnered or not?

How much confidence do you have in your sexual skills and awareness?

How much sexual energy, or libido, do you have?

You Can BE An Erotic Superstar! 

We can get to the underlying source of whatever your symptoms, problems, and/or challenges are.

We will explore innovative pathways to clearing any obstacles while incorporating more pleasure as a means of healing into your life.

No sex, intimacy and/or relationship challenge is too big or too small.

All types of relationships, sexual preferences, and lifestyle choices are honored.

Having a partner is not needed!

Discover alternatives to traditional thinking, and develop out of the box solutions along with far more possibilities.

Sacred Temple Arts (STA): Provides One-Of-A-Kind Custom Designed Programs for Overall, Intimate, and Erotic Health, Wellness, and Pleasure!

Sacred Temple Arts (STA) is dedicated to the transformative power of pleasure, intimacy, and erotic wellness in the lives of individuals. STA’s mission is to deliver uniquely tailored programs that foster holistic well-being, nurture intimate relationships, and cultivate profound erotic fulfillment. The journey toward a more empowered and satisfying life commences with STA.


“Sacha is unique. She is genuine and non-conforming. You can feel her energy immediately whether in person or virtually. I became familiar with her talents after seeing her on Facebook and booking an appointment for me and my wife. We had been having a mid life sexual reawakening and were seeking even greater levels of passion and pleasure. Long married, and fortunately healthy, we wanted to know how to age into amazing sex…and Sacha didn’t disappoint. She expanded our minds and hearts and helped us explore a world of pleasure most people can really only fantasize about. I hope you talk to your partner and go see her. It will change your life.” 


Discover How Sacred Temple Arts Can Help You:


Define Your Optimal Sex & Love Life:

STA collaborates with each individual to identify their desires, crafting a personalized roadmap to bring their dreams to fruition.

Ignite Passion and Confidence:

STA empowers clients to amplify their sexual energy, passion, desire, and self-confidence, ultimately fostering deeper connections and holistic well-being.

Heal and Overcome Challenges:

From addiction and trauma to shame and performance concerns, STA’s programs are meticulously designed to help individuals surmount obstacles and embark on a journey of healing.

Enhance Communication Skills:

STA enables clients to enhance intimacy and communication skills, reigniting the sparks of attraction in their relationships.

Recover and Rebuild:

Clients can heal from past heartaches, relationships, or affairs, gaining valuable insights into redefining and balancing the dynamics of giving and receiving in both love and life.

Explore Alternative Paths:

STA offers guidance and support to navigate dating and alternative relationship styles, empowering individuals to make informed choices.

Boost Self-Esteem:

STA assists in the reclamation of body, self-esteem, and self-confidence, allowing individuals to listen to their body’s desires authentically.

Embrace Erotic Exploration:

STA provides a safe space to explore new erotic frontiers and fantasies, fostering empowerment not only in the realm of sexuality but across all aspects of life.

Advance Your Sexual Education:

Gain honest insights into advanced sex education and the profound impact of Tantra on intimacy.

Connect to Inner Wisdom:

Experience the profound depths of pleasure and orgasm, both in and out of the bedroom, by tapping into your innate wisdom and knowing.

Choose Pleasure as a Way of Life:

Embrace a life where pleasure takes center stage, reigniting your sense of fulfillment and joy.

Your journey toward a more fulfilling, intimate, and pleasure-filled life begins with Sacred Temple Arts. It’s time to embrace your desires, connect with your inner wisdom, and choose pleasure as your way of life.

From The Privacy Of Your Own Home.

*All services are offered virtually except for a smaller number of sessions and immersions that are in-person and not necessary to every program.* 

Are You Ready To Radically Improve Your Sex & Love Life? 

Would You Like More Intimate Pleasure, Wellness & Wellbeing?  


You will learn how to have more orgasms, and how to live more orgasmically!

Sacred Temple Arts combination of erotic and healing arts brings you home to your body and to your authentic erotic expression, and naturally sexual self.

Live more organically, too!

Expand your energy and connection to yourself, your body, and then to others.

On this journey of sexual self-realization and expression, you will discover that…

Sexual energy is your greatest untapped resource!

“Sexual energy is a life force, it is aliveness. Eroticism is this vitality and aliveness we have.” Jaiya Ma

Life can be – and is meant to be – pleasurable, and yes, even orgasmic!

  What if your life could be an orgasmic experience? Orgasm can be the energy for the creation of life and the creation of your body. The energy of total presence, total awareness, total sensation, whether you’re eating food, eating people, or walking on the beach. It makes your body more alive!

Having better to the best sex is about energy and connection, far more than effort, and even skills!

You can have great sex skills and still not be a great lover! By naturally increasing your sexual energy, awareness and erotic IQ,  you can become a fabulous lover all the while actually regenerating yourself!

Sexual energy is the real fountain of youth!

Mastering your sexual energy-your sexualness- can be fun and easy, at any age!

“Sexualness – is about having that energy of gifting and receiving. It’s the energy of life, what you feel in nature, no judgment. It’s the energy of the gift that bodies are, the enjoyment that they are, the gratitude for them, the contribution that they are, the contribution that their movement is and invites others to. Sexualness is the healing, caring, nurturing, joyful, creative, generative, expansive and orgasmic energy.”

-Access Consciousness™

Isn’t Now The Time To Fully Embody Your Sexualness?

Let’s Get You Started On Your Journey To Your Empowered And Bliss-filled Erotic Life.

“Sacha combines fun with substance on the topic of sex. Because she is comfortable with herself, she makes you feel comfortable to figure out what you want to explore and do so in a safe space. She’s gone ahead and mapped out the way for you already but also she is open to new ideas. I like that she suggests “home-play” so you can get accountable for learning on your own time. Real world examples of exercises are more useful than just talking. I have recommended Sacha to my best friends already to get juicy in their lives, and I strongly recommend her programs to anyone ready to get curious about what’s possible or them and owning their sexuality.” 

Pathways To More Intimacy, Wellness & Pleasure!

“Sacha is a gift to all Mankind. She has expertise and training in so many areas, all to make her clients enjoy life so much more through Holistic Healing, better relationships, better and more mutually enjoyable intimacy. If you believe in investing in your self, and your loved one, Sacred Temple Arts is an excellent investment in enhancing Life’s pleasures, and each other’s health and well-being!”

Sacred Temple Arts offers unique custom-designed personal programs incorporating experiential and somatic learning for your erotic expansion and overall well-being!

Isn’t It Time For Your Sexual

Awakening, Healing, Empowerment, & Liberation? 

Hi! I’m Sacha.

I want you to know that you can have sexual ecstasy and communion within your body and in your life, and then share and create this with others as desired.

I can guide you to discovering the life-saving, health-promoting, exciting and juicy intimacy you’ve been wanting in your body and in your life foremost! So that you will live happily ever after with you no matter what happens!

Are you ready for monumental change through more pleasure with new intimacy education, practices and more?

My personal journey of healing and intensive education, academic and otherwise, brought me to an unwavering commitment to guiding others on their paths to becoming confident lovers and erotic masters.  I inspire my clients to embodied wholeness and expansion in consciousness via the intimate, erotic and wellness arts.

My programs are custom designed to meet your individual needs and include coaching, education and healing arts therapies to get you a better to the best sex and love life. Solo and/or partnered and/or with partners.

My specialties include Tantra and Erotic Blueprints™!

Have you seen the Netflix series Sex, Love and Goop? The Erotic Blueprints™ are featured as a pathway for profound intimate expansion and more!

How would you like to embody and be deeply accepted as the pleasure charged-erotically energized-being you actually are?

Did you know that…

Your Sexuality-Your Sexual Energy-aka Life Force-

Is Your Greatest Tool For Your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing?

Your Sexuality Is The Final Frontier In Your Personal Growth & Development!

To Go Beyond Peak Performance To Peak Existence & Reclaim Your Pleasure!

Let me guide you with a highly positive and consciousness-raising approach to your intimate health and life with my unique and modern version of

Sacred Temple Arts! 

My approach in services is one that combines intimate and erotic arts with holistic healing and wellness practices, tools and techniques. Sex and relationship coaching and education for your overall health and happiness.

My clients come to me from all different walks of life, relationship paths, and levels of sexual experiences. Whether you are new to exploring your intimate side, or you are more advanced in this realm, I can support you in actualizing the erotic life you desire.

Most of us have experienced far too much drama, trauma, and preventable suffering due to a severe lack of accurate and positive sex, relationship and wellness educations. 

I’ve gained a lot of awareness and wisdom around the challenges and traumas caused by the lack of vital and accurate information in these fields. I am committed to my ongoing education to continue to provide only the best quality care and services possible.

My credentials include: 

-Masters Degree in Health Arts & Sciences

-Advanced Certified Tantric Educator

-Sex Educator Certified

-Licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach™

-Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot Teacher 

-Certifications 30+ Healing Arts Therapies

-2 decades of training & practice in the Holistic, Wellness, Intimate & Erotic Arts

I can support you in gaining the knowledge, tools, skills, practices and more, to have and live more pleasure rather than pain, in what could very well be the most important parts of your life.

Your sex life is either supporting and expanding or denigrating your overall life satisfaction.

Your well being depends on the state of your sex, intimacy, and relationships!

Your pleasure and orgasms are integral to your happiness and fulfillment!

With Sacred Temple Arts you will create an embodied and empowered intimate life that will have you finally loving your life!

“What if the true love story and divine union is the one you have with your body and Being? 

Through tailored coaching, cutting edge sex and intimacy education, and an array of healing arts, (including energy, bodywork, and tantra), you will awaken and cultivate your sexual energy, create a holistic plan for your sexual health and wellbeing, and discover your…

Best Sex & Love Life!


“Sacha is a HIGHLY skilled, and PROFESSIONAL practitioner in a field generally regarded as “taboo”. The reality is, sex and intimacy is an ESSENTIAL part of relationships, self-empowerment, and self-esteem. Being able to intimately connect with others in safe, healthy, and comfortable ways is our BIRTHRIGHT. If this wasn’t taught to you from your own family, then you need and deserve Sacha’s services!! …And you definitely want the HIGHEST quality professional to work with on that topic! 😉 Sacha is probably the most genuine and expansive healer I have ever come across. She has a great level of integrity and is tuned in to the “sensitivity” of the work that she does. She comes with an endless list of certifications, multiple degrees, and more tools, approaches and skills than most people can imagine or compete with. 👏What does that all mean…? Sacha’s clients get to TRULY find their individual VOICE, empowered sensuality, sexual and intimacy healing, and even boundless confidence with the help of her services!! 🙏 If you want a professional you can trust with your very private challenges around intimacy, sex, and connection… look no further than Sacha Fossa. Every penny you spend, you will be GRATEFUL you invested in your own RIGHT to feel and experience PLEASURE and CONNECTION! 👍😃”

Kerri Morrison

LMHC,Holistic Coach, MA State Rep for ACEP Community Educator, Awaken Holistic Counseling Services

Working with Sacred Temple Arts helped me to overcome many difficulties in my life. From sexual performance issues to self confidence in general, STA coaching and energywork helped me to rediscover the joy in my life and to rekindle my sex and love life.

Sacred Temple Arts is helping me develop union between my sex drive and my heart. Now that I am learning to bring deep love into sexual play, sex is no longer about ‘getting off’- but about opening up both my partner and myself to a higher consciousness, and bliss that permeates my whole life.

Sacha and her healing and sensual arousal teachings have brought me back to Lightness and Being. I feel alive and capable of more Pleasure in my Golden Years. She’s helped decrease significantly the ongoing pain from shoulder surgery. She’s also helped mitigate the lingering effects of war, previous attempts having been ineffective. I highly recommend her healing, coaching, and teaching abilities as an excellent investment with long-term rewards. Sacha is a gift to Mankind.

I have received a few sessions at Sacred Temple Arts and the experience exceeded my expectations.The kind, loving, gentle healing I received was undeniable. It was done professionally and with integrity. I would strongly recommend doing yourself this favor. This place is TRULY a Temple, and has a first-rate healing Goddess! 

Do you want more love and better sex?

Do you desire a more satisfying sex, and love life, partnered or not?

Discover how Sacred Temple Arts can help you get the sex & love life you really want!

"Highly sexed people always have a plentiful supply of magnetism."

"Sex desire is the most powerful of all human desires."

"The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind and spirit."

"Love, Romance, and Sex, are all emotions capable of driving (humans) to super achievement."

- Napoleon Hill

Ready for immediate access to an invaluable intimacy education that will uplevel your sex and love life, partnered or not?

*Check out Sacha’s video courses on HOT Topics such as The Erotic Blueprints™, Tantra, Sexual Healing & Awakening, Becoming A Master Lover, How To Become An Expert Kisser, How To Do Sex Magic, Giving Superior Cunnilingus, Best Fellatio For Her Pleasure, plus informative interviews and SO MUCH MORE! (*previously featured on my Binge network channel) for your…Best Sex & Love Life!

Here’s to your extraordinarily empowering  sex education!

*Sacha's Sacred Temple Arts YouTube Channel 50+ videos for...

To Your Overall, Intimate & Erotic, Health, Wellness, Pleasure, Education, Empowerment & Expansion!

"I am getting so much from your videos!  They are wonderful.  I have been spent the last 2 years searching material from several lightworkers and none ever spoke to me like yours."

"Watched all of the rest of your fellatio videos tonite and shared much with my lover. This is having magnificent results on my confidence and reducing inhibition levels."


*For an introduction to the Erotic Blueprints™ & Sacred Temple Arts in general, click here*...

“Orgasmic Intensity, Freedom and Control


Every phase of the erotic cycle is precious and an end in itself. 

The subtle, preliminary stirring at the prospect that further erotic engagement
may come soon.

The mounting excitement of touching yourself, or being touched by another, not yet emphasizing the erogenous centers.

Lightly, brilliantly informed touching and teasing the powerful, sacred embodied zones of supreme sexual arousal. 

Modulated, skillful touch of the most direct centers of sexual arousal using techniques developed over centuries by tantric and other cultures throughout the world. 

These are all sublime gifts when they are gratefully exulted in, whether or not a climactic orgasm results, and the more these other phases are enjoyed, the more intense the climax becomes. But the climactic orgasm modern culture focuses on is one of many kinds of orgasm, and orgasm is one of many kinds of good erotic experience. 

There are whole body orgasms, valley orgasms, that are diffused through the embodied being. Arousal, the sweet tumescence enjoyed with a partner or alone, is an energy-building and health building experience, and is wonderful if it is not interpreted as frustrating or uninteresting without a climax. Erotic energies can build and build and build, making the climax more intense than most people can imagine, and making the delights of the other phases infinitely enjoyable and healing, with or without climax. By letting go of the fixation on climax, the climax ironically becomes greater. 

Freedom from the need for a certain kind of orgasm makes all kinds of orgasm more available.  

The whole erotic cycle can be suffused with more and more profundity.

Eros is Beautiful and Profound. It is a human and spiritual Blessing. It beckons us to welcome its gifts as extraordinarily delightful, fun, sweet, adventurous, and deepening. 


Sacha is an honorable and honored guide for you in these directions.

She does so in a way that honors the uniqueness of your being, and the depth of your humanness.”



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