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“Sacha is a gift to all Mankind. She has expertise and training in so many areas, all to make her clients enjoy life so much more through Holistic Healing, better relationships, better and more mutually enjoyable intimacy. If you believe in investing in your self, and your loved one, Sacred Temple Arts is an excellent investment in enhancing Life’s pleasures, and each other’s health and well-being!”


Sacred Temple Arts offers unique and custom-designed personal programs incorporating experiential and somatic learning for your erotic expansion and overall well-being!

*Some in-person sessions and programs may be offered and all coaching programs are available virtually.*

#1 Best Sex & Love Life Coaching

Sacha’s specialty intimate wellness and empowerment coaching, education, & healing arts  


“You provide a great service. Sexuality is so important but it’s one of those topics people cringe over, you help to get it out from under the sheets.”

Sacha’s signature custom coaching and educational sessions and programs generally have healing arts therapies interwoven.


The extensive healing arts modalities offered can also be chosen as individual sessions, or customized into packages.

“Sacha has so much learning, training, and experience in many different modalities that can heal, guide, coach, and instruct, in everything from Holistic healing, relationship building, uncovering long-unused libido, updating and fine-tuning and enhancing intimacy techniques, all building ur self-confidence and self-worth. I’m a 77-year-old VietNam combat veteran, and we all brought back a lot of stuff. Sacha has been able to reach places, and demons, 20 years of therapy and drugs did not touch at all. She’s helped me recover from a lengthy, empty relationship, helped me shed blame, and look forward to a hope-filled future. I can never repay all she’s done.”

Sacha additionally now offers her once in-person group classes now virtually…

Examples of class topics include: healing arts and intimacy, learn your sex languages (aka Erotic Blueprints™), tantric intimacy, the art of kissing, Valentine’s Day special classes, sensual and sexual awakening and empowerment for women, manifesting with law of attraction, tantra and sex magic, awakening and mastering your energy, and essential oils and wellness.

Check some of them out here…

CLASSES, EVENTS & WORKSHOPS-now offered virtually!

#2 Erotic Blueprint™ Coaching

 These specific Erotic Breakthrough™ Programs are part of your Erotic Mastery through (Jaiya’s) Erotic Blueprints™.

These are for those who desire an in-depth curriculum with Jaiya’s video classes, personal coaching with me, and even access to a community of erotic adventurers. All evolving around the Erotic Blueprints as pathways to more pleasure and an expansive erotic life.

Erotic Blueprint Offerings

Become an Erotic Master with the 5 Sexual Types!

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Payments accepted electronically or by personal check which must clear prior to the first session.

“Sacha’s energy just makes you comfortable as you; and she really inspires fun!”

Satisfied client

“I highly recommend Sacha, She is both professional and focused in her work. I was so relaxed and comfortable during this session. I will continue to try other modalities that she offers. I wouldn’t hesitate to call her soon if not now as her bookings get filled quickly! I understand why totally. Thank you Sacha, I feel clear and content in my life.”

Satisfied client

Do you want more love and better sex?

Do you desire a more satisfying sex, and love life, partnered or not? Discover how Sacred Temple Arts can help you get the sex & love life you really want!


Passionate Possibilites Complimentary Call With Sacha!

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"I am getting so much from your videos!  They are wonderful.  I have been spent the last 2 years searching material from several lightworkers and none ever spoke to me like yours."

"Watched all of the rest of your fellatio videos tonite and shared much with my lover. This is having magnificent results on my confidence and reducing inhibition levels."

*For my latest 2022 video introduction to the Erotic Blueprints™ & Sacred Temple Arts in general, click here*