Recommended Products for More Consciousness!

Sacha’s Recommended Products For More Consciousness!

Access Consciousness™ has empowered me to Know What I Know, and for my life to have more Ease, Joy, Glory, and way more PLEASURE than I ever thought imaginable! I use their practical tools every single day almost hourly. I work with the Talk To The Entities® practices (also on this page) daily as well. The contributions to my life continue have been immense and continue to unfold. I wish I had grown up with this stuff taught to me by my parents. It would have saved me from suffering most of my life. This stuff is that powerful. It’s turned me on even more than Tantra.

How Does It Get Any Better Than That?

Let me know if you have any questions on any of them, and I would appreciate your feedback as well.

Access Consciousness™

If you are interested in, or have had an Access Consciousness™ session, check out all that Access Consciousness™ has to offer!

Click on Shannon’s image for a quick video about how talking to entities can help you!

Talk To The Entities®

Talk To The Entities®, is the creation of Shannon O’Hara, the founder of Access Consciousness™ daughter. Her books and classes have had an incredible impact of contribution to my world, and continue to do so daily.

Learning how to communicate, clear, and receive from entities has been one of the utmost potent tools to empower my reality on an ongoing basis.

As Shannon says…

“Talk To The Entities® is an Access Consciousness® specialty class designed to create clarity, ease and ability for people with the spirit world. Yes, we mean ghosts and we also mean so much more! TTTE is a set of tools, processes, and philosophies that will totally revolutionize the way you think, feel and function with the spirit world and probably your whole life.It is the information you should have been given at day one, that so few people are. Entities are a huge part of our world and all of our lives. This topic has been swept under the carpet and severely judged for so long that most people have completely lost their clarity and skill in this area. People are born with the ability to perceive energy and spirits; it is a gift not a disability. Talking to entities is not a sickness that needs to be hidden; it is a strength that has been tremendously misunderstood. What if interaction with and receiving from the spirit world could be one of the greatest gifts to you and the world? The future of our world depends on the awareness of its people. What would a world where consciousness dominated be like? What more can we all be aware of that will give us access to the gifts that we be? We have great spirit friends and great demon assholes amongst us. Now let’s play……”

I highly recommend Shannon’s book, audio clearings and classes!

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What Can The Spirit World Gift You? 


Who or what is available out there desiring to gift you?

“What is entity awareness? Talk to the Entities® is an Access Consciousness® Speciality created by Shannon with the help of her dad, and founder of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas.

Listen as Shannon shares her story about suppressing her ability to talk to entities, how that affected her, and then how she eventually embraced it, realizing that it is actually a strength and a gift.

When you start embracing your capabilities, the universe rewards you with an infinite sea of possibility, expansion, and ease.

What are you aware of that you have always known that you are pretending not to know, that if you knew it, would truly transform your life?”

LISTEN to Shannon’s Podcast on HERE

Kathy William’s Tools For Inner Freedom

I have taken the following classes with Access Consciousness™ Facilitator Kathy Williams and you can, too!

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I still listen to the recordings of the highly potent clearings in each of these.

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