Your Bedroom, Wardrobe, Home, LIFE!

Let’s Sexify YOU!

Let’s reveal your inherent sexiness. Let’s bring it out in your unique style, into your external world, in the ways you would most enjoy.

I have a natural gift for Sexification of people, things, and spaces.

It’s one of my greatest pleasures and Super Powers.

I’ve been Sexifying my whole life. My self, body, clothes, rooms, homes, career, office, relationships, and clients who desire this service.

I especially help those who feel they have zero game on. Would you like others to recognize your inner glow and attractiveness? To flirt with you and to be able to confidently flirt back? For those in your life to wonder where the old repressed and/or non-expressed you went?

Let me help you find your real sexualness. Not just by learning sexual skills, tools and practices (such as tantra, Orgasmic Meditation, and so much more). Sure we will increase your sexual education and heal repression along with working with your whole look: body, hair, clothes, how you walk, present yourself and more. Most importantly, we will get you in touch with your sexual essence and prowess and bring it forth, embodied. This sexification process is an alchemical sexual soul-infusion and embodiment process of your own making with me as your guide and cheerleader.

I see the sexiness inherent in all Beings. I can draw it out from within you. You will fall wildly in love with yourself like never before. And have others fawning over you. You can turn yourself on and then others, too! Light up the

room! The planet! 🙂


This program is a holistic lifestyle overhaul, too. We will be infusing sexiness into your health, food, wealth, relationships, career, your whole world. Infusing your days and nights with more Turn on. Creating sexiness in your living environment- Feng-Sex! Finding what attire and what sex toys appeal most to your body.

Everybody’s Sexy Is Different & Evolving!  

We will take a deep dive into where you sexy is challenged, and clear out the shadows of shame and more. We will uncover your subtle sexy, your overt sexy, and what’s most pleasurable for you sexy. Elegant, sophisticated, brazen, emboldened, sexy.


We will discover your Erotic Blueprints™ and possibly work with your Erotic Persona’s. Depending on your primary Erotic type, we will want to Tantrify (Energetic), Sensualize (Sensual), Sexualize (Sexual), Kinkify (Kinky), or do all of those (Shapeshifter-fy!)

Sexification is truly an art, and you will learn how to do it for yourself, and how to continue to do it throughout your lifetime. As an embodied and sexually empowered, erotically liberated, smoking HOT being you are innately and shall BE!

To Feel, and BE, Sexy, is to Be Sensually and Sexually Alive, and Free!

Sexification is for you to not just have the external feeling of sexy, with new duds, and moves. It is for you to radiate sexy from a full inner tank of sexiness, that you don’t need a partner to fuel.

Sexification is the process of transforming you from feeling lackluster and out of sorts into BEING the God or Goddess or whatever divine creature or Being you actually are!

The process of “sexifying”, to me, is becoming sexy, as you uncover and unleash your inner BEING. You not only feel and look attractive, you actually become magnetic and attract more of what you desire. You become potent and generative, and your life gets way better as a result.

Sexification Programs

You Get: 

*Sexification Lessons

-for couples and/or individuals

-in person or virtual

*Custom designed homeplay programs

*Email and/or text follow-up in between sessions

*Virtual follow up session(s) as needed upon completion of the program.

Contact Sacha to create your custom designed Sexification program now. 

Do you want more love and better sex?

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