Best Sex & Love Life Programs!

Individuals & Couples. In Person & Virtual.

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Best Sex & Love Life Programs!

Individuals & Couples. In Person & Virtual.

Programs are where the deepest commitment and transformations happen.

When you plant a seed, you don’t eat the fruit the same day.

Sacha’s 3 Signature Programs!


#1 Get Your Sex & Love Life Back! 

“It is unfortunate that our culture leaves most people completely uneducated in the higher enjoyments and deeper bliss of sexuality.” -David Deida

 Receive the guidance and support you need to clear and heal what’s holding you back from the sex, love, and life you want. I will provide you with the tools, practices, resources, and hands-on healing you need to move through challenges and issues. These sessions are a deep dive into releasing specific problems and opening up to more potential, play, and pleasure.

We’re not wired for failure. We’re wired for bliss.” – Amara Charles

Get Your Sex & Love Life Back Now!



#2 Become A Better Lover

“When our intimate agreements are working our lives flow smoothly – we have more energy, are more passionate, and far more creative.”
Amara Charles

Learn ancient and modern sex, intimacy and relationship skills and practices to improve your life and lovemaking, solo and partnered. An introduction to Tantra, the Art of Conscious Loving, the Art of Arousal, and new Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy are included. Focus will include increasing your daily ecstasy and orgasmic potential through more self-love, pleasuring and manifesting your goals through Sex Magic. Creating relationships that will actually empower, and give you more of you, while making your life easier, and more fun.


#3 Be The Best Lover  

Tantra statueTantra statue couple

“Sexual well-being can be enhanced by learning how to savor touching your partner, by knowing the pleasure places on your partner’s body, by learning to enjoy giving and receiving erotic massage, and by allowing touch to become intimate communication.”-Joseph Kramer

This is an in-person only weekend immersion into Tantra and other healing arts that will bring you into your power as a lover to the fullest. We cover a range of basic to most advanced skills, techniques, and practices, catering to your level of experience and interest. Sexual energy awakening, empowerment and getting you to the level of master lover is the primary focus.


You Receive In These 3 Programs:

Sessions for couples and/or individuals, in person and/or virtual

Customized homeplay programs

Email and/or phone follow-up after, and in between, sessions

Virtual follow up session(s) as needed upon completion of the program.

Contact Sacha to create your customized program now. 

Customized Immersion/VIP Programs can be created, too.

*Additional session hours including advanced practices, rituals, and outdoor activities may be available.


Simply Need A Romantic Getaway Weekend or Retreat? couple eating lobster in Rockport

I will customize the perfect intimate weekend away for you!


*Click here to contact Sacha for more information on programs, and/or to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Sacred Temple Arts Cancellation Policy for all sessions and programs:

Clients will generally be charged for half of the price of the session if it is cancelled within the 48 hour period. Depending on the session or program, they may be asked for a deposit to hold a session or program date(s).

Payments accepted via PayPal, or by personal check which must clear prior to the first session.

Do you want more love and better sex?

Do you desire a more satisfying sex, and love life, partnered or not? Discover how Sacred Temple Arts can help you get the sex & love life you really want!


“The disharmonies often expressed in the form of nagging, may usually be traced to a lack of knowledge on the subject of sex. Where love, romance and the proper understanding of the emotion and function of sex abide, there is no disharmony between married people. “

“The entire subject of sex is one which the majority of people appear to be unpardonably ignorant.”

-Think and Grow Rich, Chapter 11 The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, The tenth step towards riches, p. 278-289,

by Napoleon Hill