Discover what your erotic blueprint stack is and how to express what turns you on and off and so much more.

As a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™, if you are or you choose to work with me, we will be working with your blueprints.

When you take this quiz…please follow these instructions as this is important information… 

You must screenshot or write down the PERCENTAGES of each of your blueprints before they disappear forever!

These percentages for each Erotic Blueprint are on the last page of the quiz underneath your primary blueprint result. You most likely need to scroll down past your primary blueprint result to find them.

They are NOT sent to your email!!!!

The percentages for each of your blueprints will be gone forever if you do not do this. You would have to retake the quiz (*and provide a new email!*) in order to get them again.

You will want to know the percentages for each blueprint as this is the most valuable information. Not just what your primary blueprint is.

I will need you to send the percentages for each of your blueprints to me if you are working with me.

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I also provide Erotic Blueprint Coaching along with the course for far more support and expansion. 

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