Learning what your erotic language is, and then how to express what turns you on, and turns you off, is your first step.

Please take this quiz to find out your Erotic Blueprints™. I’m a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™. When you take the quiz, at the end it’s going to have a screen with the %’s for each Blueprint, and this WILL NOT get emailed to you, so

TAKE A SCREEN SHOT of the percentages before they go away forever!

You only get emailed your primary Blueprint. If you are working with me, we want to know the %’s for each blueprint. This is invaluable information.

Take Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint quiz below…and don’t forget to take the screen shot, or write down your percentages for each blueprint!

(If you are using your phone you may need to scroll down to see the percentages on the last page of quiz.)

Take The Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz Here!

The quiz is free. And: As you follow up, you’ll get a sales pitch for Jaiya’s (excellent) Erotic Blueprint course. I get a commission if you buy it. You can take it that way, or as part of my Erotic Blueprint Program where you also get my expert Erotic Blueprint Coaching™ customized sessions for more support and expansion, 3 months membership to the Erotic Freedom Club (best tribe out there of others getting erotically liberated!), plus free tickets to one of Jaiya’s live events!


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