Best Sex & Love Life Session Themes

Choose from one of our five session themes below, or just let us know what you would like to focus on. All sessions and programs are completely customized. Any theme can be addressed in one session, or more in depth as a package of sessions. In person and/or virtual.

Be a Masterful Lover

Learn ancient and modern techniques for becoming a Master Lover, with yourself and with others. Tantric skills will empower your life far beyond just the bedroom. Want sexual ecstasy? Be open to receiving a new sexual education that will teach you what you have been looking for. Become a multi-orgasmic, “Best Ever” lover in style, method, technique, and through your own sexual healing and empowerment.

• Explore Secrets to Male & Female Sexual Ecstasy, Ancient & Modern Erotic Arts

• Experience More Connection & Better Relationships through Conscious Loving

• Become Skilled in Giving & Receiving Sexual Healing

 • Unite with the Beloved in Bed & Beyond

Learn More About Tantra

More Love, Sex, and Intimacy for Couples

Experience more love, passion, connection, trust, fulfillment, and eroticism in and out of your bedroom. Learn true intimacy and sexual play. Becoming Masterful Lovers is the most worthwhile endeavor you can invest in, a lifetime of pleasure!

• Discover More Romance, Sensuality, & Sexual Ecstasy

• Explore New Ways of Relating, Loving, Giving & Receiving Pleasure

• Create Tantric Sex Dates & Practice Sex Magic

• Have More Harmony In Your Home Now


Single and Sexy

Being single is an AWESOME opportunity to focus purely on YOU, your pleasure, your passion, your dreams, and desires. We work together to bring you more of what you want in all aspects of your life. Being single can be a very happy and sexy time. Come discover more of your sexy self!

• Release & Transform Past Relationship Patterns

• Create Space in Your Life, & Body, for More Love

• Ignite & Initiate the Beloved Within You Into Sexual Ecstasy

• Manifest the Sex, Love & Life of Your Dreams Using Sex Magic!


Awaken the Goddess, Be a Queen

Inspire and embody your inner Goddess, your authentic self as a woman, who embraces her sexual expression and nature. Create your life in a luscious new way. These sessions initiate women into the Sacred Mysteries of the Feminine. In Tantric traditions women awaken and share together the mysteries of female sexual orgasmic energy. This creative, spiritual, and sexual life force energy brings what you desire. You become a juicy Goddess flowing in harmony with life, Orgasmically Abundant!

• Magnify Self-Acceptance, Self-Loving, Self-Pleasuring, Self-Sexual Expression.

• Release Trauma, Negative Beliefs, Conditioning, & Shame

• Embrace & Empower Your Body, Your Cycles, Your Life, & Feel Physically & Emotionally Connected, Safe & Confident

• Learn How to Understand Men & How to Get What You Need From Them

• Discover & Manifest Your Deepest Desires By Becoming a Goddess & Living Like a Queen

“Being a Queen starts right there ~ with being. So if we’re constantly doing, doing, doing, there isn’t any space — mental, emotional or time space — to just be, let alone be our very best qualities. And there is the problem of embodiment…to be our best qualities, we first have to, literally, get those qualities in our bodies.” — Alison Armstrong



Be a King, Hero, and Sex God

Be what so many women want, a King, Hero, and Sex God! Discover your true purpose, learn how to heal women and raise the roof off the bedroom. Have as much love and reverence as you can receive. It’s never too late to awaken your mind and body in new ways, or your lovers!

• Generate More Relaxation, Vitality & Stamina

• Sexual Health, Healing, Empowerment, & Alchemy for Yourself & Partner(s)

• Increase Intimacy, Connection & Self-Expression

• Learn How to Give & Receive Full Body Pleasure & Penetration

“Without a conscious life-purpose a man is totally lost, drifting, adapting to events rather than creating events.” -David Deida

“I felt really good, solid, centered and grounded. I believe that my mission is starting to take shape on all fronts.” 

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