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Sacha’s Recommended Products For A Better To Best Sex & Love Life,

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These products have changed my sex life for the better.


Let me know if you have any questions on any of them, and I would appreciate your feedback as well.

And Welcome to My World Of The Best Sacred Sexy Sex Toys & Tools!



 Tantra Tachyonized Sex Toys

I can’t get enough of the Tachyonized Toys!

I started using Tachyon products in my 20’s because of their wellness benefits, and was thrilled when I realized a company had created special tantra sexual healing, awakening, and empowerment tools with combining Tachyon into sex toys and more!

Check out this video about!

So far, I have these products below, and the Tachyonized energy makes a tremondous difference sensation and energetically. Simply out of this world 🙂 I will be adding to my collection.


Tachyonized PINK G-Spot Delight Pleasure Wand

Tachyonized G-Spot Delight Pleasure Wand for the yoni is a wonderful Tachyon sacred tantra product. Activate the G-spot. Experience ecstatic orgasms, heightened sexual pleasure and sensual joy.

Tachyonized G-Spot Delight Pleasure Wand for the yoni is a wonderful Tachyon sacred tantra product. Activate the G-spot. Experience ecstatic orgasms, heightened sexual pleasure and sensual joy.

Tachyonized Root Chakra Plug – Women’s Kundalini Activation

This sacred Tachyonized Tachyon tantra product stimulates the perineum and rosetta increasing orgasmic and sexual pleasure and opens you to deep sexual joy and healing. Not to worry men, they have these products for you, too!

This sacred Tachyonized Tachyon tantra product stimulates the perineum and rosetta increasing orgasmic and sexual pleasure and opens you to deep sexual joy and healing.

Tachyonized Yoni Egg 

To me this egg does not replace my other stone eggs, it is another option with a very different frequency I also get off on!

Tachyonized Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Even better than just regular organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, now all the Tachynonized vibes in your lube, too! Not for use with condoms or plastic toys.

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Chakrubs Crystal Sex Toys

 I’ve been researching and using crystals and stones for over two decades in my personal healing practice. In the past 5 plus years this evolved to using them internally, for even deeper, more expansive healing work, and pleasure. 


The Viper-The Shadow Line (Black Obsidian Wand)

The Viper has a unique curvature and ridged shape for extra sensation. Made from pure black obsidian, this tool can be used to see hidden aspects of the self and release negative blocks. The protective and cleansing properties of obsidian make this instrument ideal for tantric or sacred sex rituals. Resembling a rattle or stinger, the Viper is a perfect Shadow Line addition to help you honor your darker impulses. The Viper can specifically assist with:


Absorbing negative energy and releasing stress to improve emotional well-being
Alleviating fears and worries to allow one to become more comfortable within themselves and their surroundings
Increasing stamina and vigor and encouraging wise decision making
Promoting self-control and keeping excessive emotions and passions under control
Easing past relationship trauma and overcoming emotional strain
Fostering emotional stability
Learning and implementing self-control
Promoting clarity when making difficult decisions
Promoting positive sexual health and easing the root chakra and reproductive system
Releasing sexual shame and healing related traumas


This wand is not for everyone. Check how your body reacts and works with Black Obsidian in general as a stone before purchasing this wand for internal use. I used mine specifically for clearing a traumatic relationship. After only using a couple of times, the wand broke in half, not while in use. Luckily, the company stands by its products and sent a brand new one. Then the same thing happened again. The stone/wand was telling me it was retired, and I was done with this stone. Luckily the company offered a 40% off for a replacement product. No other women I know that have the Viper have had this experience. So again, check in as to what stones would best work with you, and know this changes.


The Indian Jade-The Original

This is my most recent Chakrub that I am in love with. I often sleep with it in my bed connecting with the energy of overnight. Indian Jade Chakrub is made from pure green aventurine, which is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals. This precious stone instills a sense of optimism and zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and embrace change. Its gentle green color resonates with the heart chakra and it can be used for harmonizing the emotional body and attracting love. It enhances creativity and motivation, encouraging perseverance in maneuvering through life’s obstacles. Green aventurine is known for helping to release old patterns, habits, and behaviors so that new growth can take place.

The Indian Jade Chakrub can specifically assist with:

Dissolving nervousness, anger, irritation, and everyday stress
Calming chaotic thoughts and grounding one’s energy
Soothing emotional wounds and allows for the release of unhealthy relationships and heartache
Providing a reaffirming energy during times of upheaval or distress
Balancing solar and lunar energy
Releasing attachment to outcome and allowing one to be present for experiences
Enhancing romantic relationships, especially those later in life
Resolving blockages and rebalancing the heart chakra

The Indian Jade – Original is a sturdy & thick Chakrub, suitable and pleasurable for intimate massage.

Good Vibrations Sex Toys

Good Vibrations is an excellent sex education and toy store. I’ve used their products for over a decade, and continue to order from. 

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A sampling of my favorites…

Liberator Fascinator Throes

I have had and used these for years. They save countless hours of laundry of towels and bedding. They are so easy to clean and throw in the washer. Durable, stain proof, and comfortable.

Everyone truly should have a Sex Blanket, partnered or not.

I also have an extra one I use as my Menstruation Blanket.

Liberator Ramp

Practical products to have for exploring new positions, and making your favorites, the most easy and comfortable possible.

(Sex Ed) Books and Erotica

So much to choose from! What I have enjoyed:

*Vagina, *Women’s Anatomy Of Arousal, *Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, Multi-orgasmic Couple, Man & Woman books, *Shameless, *Come As You Are, Urban Tantra, The Ethical Slut, Mating In Captivity, Sex At Dawn, Cunt, Healing Sex, I Love Female Orgasm, Tantric Sex For Women, Becoming Orgasmic, Sex For One, The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty.

*Those that are * means every woman must read*


A male prostate stimulator every man should have.

I only recommend the Aneros Eupho Syn Trident out of the Aneros products.

This has been the most consistently recommended and used by my tantra colleagues, personal partners, and clients.

Source School of Tantra

I am an Advanced Tantric Certified Educator and have used, and continue to use, the following products.

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The crystal wand G-spot/Sacred spot massager!

Deluxe Crystal Wand

Amrita Waterproof Splash Pads

The perfect massage oil!

Maui Massage Oil

Herbal Aphrodisiac's!

Wow! A Tantric Aphrodisiac

The original modern Tantra bible!

Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving

These CD's are keys to healing and understanding women

The Sacred Spot: A Complete Tantra Yoga Guide to Female Sexual Healing and Awakening

A tasteful DVD providing an intro to tantra, and women's sacred spot healing demo

Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy DVD

A DVD collection for learning more Sacred Sexuality!

Meeting of the Masters: 3 DVD Set

An insightful video on the art and practice of sexual healing.

Sexual Healing: The Tantra Way DVD

Learn White Tantra Yoga at home with these CD's

White Tantra Yoga 3 Volume Complete Set

The best package for: an intro to Tantra and a complete course on Sacred Spot Massage

Learn Tantra at Home Multimedia Set

Source Tantra Beginner’s & Intermediate Weekend Workshops!

For more information on these workshops and more advanced Source Tantra training, contact me for a complimentary consultation to answer all your questions.

The Source Tantra Beginner's Weekend Seminar

Beginner Weekend Seminar

The Source Tantra Intermediate Seminar

Intermediate Weekend Seminar

 Liquid Nymph

BDSM Collars & Bondage Chokers Cuffs Leash, Oh MY!

Bondage need not be so serious and boring!

 It can be elegant, cute and feminine!

Liquid Nymph collars and cuffs are inspired by Lolita, Gothic, SteamPunk, Orientalism, Sissy Maids and more. My colleague Kismet, and her husband Dave do it all from start to finish.

Want to mix and match the different elements you see?

No problem, its like “Build-A-Bondage” let them know what you like. Almost everything can be made with matching cuffs. The shiny leather stuff is real patent leather, is belt weight and genuine cow hide.

Here are just a few of my favorites from her store…

Be sure to use discount code: SACHALOVE for 10% off on any order!

BELLA BDSM Slave Bondage Leather Collar Kitten Pet Jewelry DDLG Submissive Collar Black Pink Satin Ruffle


Lace Bondage Collar – Emerald Peacock of Black Leather with Green Venice Lace – Submissive Discreet DDlg BDSM Fetish Kitten play Collar

WICKED CUSTOM 3- piece set lining Pink Bondage Black Leather BDSM Collar – Pink Lace Locking

Feathered Bondage Fetish Collar – VALKYRIE Leather Black Feathers Leather Bondage FemDom Choker BDSM Collar w Leash

BDSM Collar Cuffs – CONSTANCE Black Leather Lace Locking Day Collar



a new service for erotic stories.

Unlimited access to short, sexy audio stories and guided sessions
Set the mood, spark your imagination, and connect with your sexual self

“Dipsea is the first audio platform for sexual wellness. We’re working to put healthy sexuality into the same sentence as exercise and meditation when we talk about living a whole, happy life. Our mission? Empowering you to tap into your sexuality on your own terms.” -Dipsea

If you use this link you get a 7 day free trial and with this link you also get 25% off the annual subscription if you choose to subscribe!

If you sign up for the free trial, I would really love to hear how you find it as I only like to recommend products and services that I know people will really enjoy.

*Thank you for purchasing recommended products through this website, as I do receive compensation for as an affiliate. I have tested most of these products personally, and highly recommend them to you because they have benefited me, and/or my trusted colleagues and clients.*

*I'm not a doctor. I, or Sacred Temple Arts, shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, any of the recommended products. Such products are used at purchasers own discretion. I do not hold any liability for damages or harm made by any recommended products. I am not a medical professional and none of the products treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. If you have any medical conditions, or have any questions please consult with a professional licensed doctor or physician before use of any of these products. Results will vary based on each individual and how they choose to use the product.*

*The statements made regarding these products or services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.*


"I am getting so much from your videos!  They are wonderful.  I have been spent the last 2 years searching material from several lightworkers and none ever spoke to me like yours."

"Watched all of the rest of your fellatio videos tonite and shared much with my lover. This is having magnificent results on my confidence and reducing inhibition levels."

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