Holistic Healing Arts & Therapies 

For Your Best Health & Wellness,

Sex & Love Life, Too!

Holistic Healing Arts & Therapies 

For Your Best Health & Wellness,

Sex & Love Life, Too!

Sacred Temple Arts Healing Room

Healing Room

Sacred Temple Arts infuses holistic healing arts and therapies into our  Best Sex & Love Life sessions and programs as needed.

These holistic modalities are also offered in separate sessions.

This is for those who want relaxation, clearing and healing, but may not be ready to delve into the sexual empowerment and healing work that is our unique specialty.

In addressing the whole person: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sexually, and energetically, different techniques serve certain purposes. These healing arts and therapies sessions and practices may be used to assist a client in awakening and integrating new sexual energy and experiences, or for a necessary gentle rebooting and soothing of the body and psyche, or for additionally deepening into an experience.Save


Holistic Healing Arts & Therapies:

*Click on each of the healing modality titles to learn more about them!


Intuitive Bodywork & Energywork 

Access Consciousness™/Body Process™

Unlimited Body™

AromaTouch® Technique & Essential Oils For Intimacy

Gem & Flower Essence Therapy

Meditation & Breathwork

Professional Cuddling

Intuitive Readings

Law of Attraction & Sex Magic

Sacred Temple Arts Cancellation Policy for all sessions and programs:

Clients will generally be charged for half of the price of the session if it is cancelled within the 48 hour period. Depending on the session or program, they may be asked for a deposit to hold a session or program date(s).

Healing Arts Therapies VIP Package!

12 Healing Sessions Of Your Choice (choose from above list)
One a month for one year, follow up in between.

In person, Individuals only: $3K

Your session really helped me. I’m just now reaping the benefits, but somehow it’s opened my eyes. Thank you for your time and that beautiful experience. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to look for love within, to say it’s okay that I am worthy of love and self-love. That I am worth the time, even though my past and mistakes from learning along the way make me feel like an awful person. I appreciate it more than anything.

Satisfied client