Choosing Pleasure As A Way of Life

At Sacred Temple Arts our goal is to spread more consciousness by expanding sexual energy, potential and vibration by Choosing Pleasure As A Way of Life.

This is the most important first step to getting the best sex, love and life you want. Most of us have learned that life is meant to be hard, and that by sacrificing and suffering we somehow become redeemed for god-only-knows-what. We support a new paradigm that puts your pleasure first, because when you feel good, you create and attract a life of more pleasure, fun and ease, rather than hardship. We can help you to choose pleasure as your path to better sex, more love, and the life of your dreams! Join our community of passionate pleasure enthusiasts and…

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Some of Sacha’s Favorite Resources for Healing & Empowerment!

Some of Sacha’s Favorite Resources for Healing & Empowerment!

Lately, a lot of friends, family and clients have been going through some really heavy shit. Personally and collectively times have been tough. So I am sharing with you some of my favorite healing and empowerment resources. Having been expanding my consciousness...