Sacha L. Fossa 

“Sacha can navigate and support you on your path of awakening and healing. You will find that just being in her presence is healing, and the process is easier with her holding your hand.”

I am a Sexual Awakener & Healer…

committed to expanding your energy and consciousness, for you to love yourself, and your body, for your erotic empowerment and liberation!

“this is the woman who I have reluctantly had sessions with… then my whole world opens up! I highly recommend her!!”

My life’s work, and passion, focuses on sexual empowerment and healing through holistic sex coaching, education, sacred sexuality, and healing arts. These are the pathways I use to reclaim my body, my power, my joy. I can help you, too.

Would you like to connect with your innate self healing power? To be guided to become more pleasure orientated, and orgasmically alive?

You Are Magic! Your Life Can Be Orgasmic!

With me, a Sexpert Goddess, highly trained and educated in sensual erotic  and healing arts and wellness education, as your coach and cheerleader, you will be on an accelerated path! What a journey it will be! Where you will quickly discover there is nothing really wrong with you. And that there is so much more ease, and joy, available when you learn to play and dance with life, orgasmically, by Being more of you. Not less, MORE.

Has anyone ever told you that you are “too much”? That you should “not want more, or want so much”? Have you ever had a relationship where they wanted to cut off all of the most passionate parts of you, and to make you somehow more normalized, like them? I know this pain. I am here for those who wish to live authentically, raw and real. I help you claim the more that you are, the more that you truly want, your extra-ordinariness.

Isn’t it time you empowered and freed yourself sexually, and otherwise?

Sacred Temple Arts, as not only a body of work, but a way of life, arose out of my academic and experiential studies and research, as well as my personal healing process. I continue to evolve, experiment, and expand, with ancient and modern versions, of sacred temple arts. 

My Healing Journey…

began at a young age, and led me to reclaiming me, and to helping you reclaim your natural sexualness, your essence, your juicy orgasmicness, too!

In experiencing traumas, such as: severe mother wounding, familial abandonment, sexual assaults and rapes, I came to eventually suffer from C-PTSD.  My life was plagued by physical, emotional, mental and psychological trauma, through abusive relationships. I felt unloved, utterly victimized. By my early 20’s, in yet another suicide attempt, I experienced one, of many, profound awakenings to (Kundalini) energy, and planes of existence beyond this reality.

This led to my deep studies in spirituality, world religions, and healing arts therapies (over 20 certifications in). I researched personally, and within academia, additionally: female adolescent development, women’s and spiritual studies, and ancient and modern Goddess cultures. Which led to my first thesis on Empowering Adolescent Girls Through Goddess Stories. Part of my mission is about healing our wounded adolescence. Let’s face it, none of us got any kind of decent sex, and/or relationship, education.

How did this play out for you? 

My passion, and quest, isn’t just for AMAZING sex, it’s also for EPIC partnership(s).

Most of my life, I was confused and dismayed by how men typically reacted to me, and my intimate and sexual interactions with them often left me feeling dishonored. I embarked on a highly valuable, and lifelong venture, of researching men, too, as a result. I wanted to know how healthy relationships, and partnerships, between the sexes, could exist and evolve. I’m from a broken home, where my dad literally died of a broken heart, after my parents long drawn out, painful for all, bitter, divorce. My mother never found another partner she loved as much as him, either.

I committed to getting the best education I could on how to understand men, understand women, and how to have healthy partnerships. I’ve been studying Allison Armstrong, Katie and Gay Hendrix, Dr. John Gray, and many more love and relationship masters, for over a decade, and ongoing.

“When we are constantly misinterpreting each other’s words and behavior, shared moments can easily turn into pain and distrust and isolation. But when you know you don’t speak the same language, you have a chance to be seen, heard and accepted. And really enjoy the other person!” — Alison Armstrong

Sex As Sacred?

It was in my mid 20’s, that my tantra adventures, and practice, began. I came across a workshop promoting “Sacred Sexuality”. It was an irrevocable turning point. My total immersion into this field, led me through my greatest sexual healing, and transformation, back to more of the real me. Tantra first taught me how to reclaim my body, power, and life, through pleasure.

The practice of Sacred Spot Massage was a primary piece in this work.

For my Masters degree, in Health Arts and Sciences, I wrote my dissertation on female pleasure and sexual healing, through the Neo Tantric technique of Female Sacred Spot Massage Ritual. I documented the extraordinary healing possibilities for women, that I live and teach. This work expands into the healing and empowerment for the masculine, as well.

I have been studying sacred sexuality, and holistic healing arts, through countless trainings and schools for almost 2 decades. (Please see my credentials below.) This included becoming an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator (ACTE through Source Tantra).

Recent allegations of rape and other sexual assaults, essentially male Dakas (sexual healers) compromising and breaking boundaries in sexual healing sessions and more, have come to the forefront of this field. I know all too well the physical, emotional and nervous system damage that can be caused by the Neo Tantra version of sacred spot massage. As much as I advocate for this type of healing, I also have been hurt by the unethical practice of. It is a practice that needs to be taught in a way that actually promotes the healing benefits, without negating the trauma it can bring up, and/or inflict, when not done properly. Although I am trained in the hands on healing art of Sacred Spot Massage, I do not offer it in my practice, as this is illegal. I teach my clients how to do it for themselves, and for others, providing the resources and customized homeplay programs for all the sexual clothing-off practices learned to be done outside my office.

My latest and greatest studies have been almost two years of delving into Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint™ courses, and trainings, to become a licensed and Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™. I continue to study voraciously with Jaiya, as her work has escalated my erotic empowerment 1000 fold. As allegations of rape and sexual abuse have come forth against many tantra schools, teachers, and sexual healers, I have increasingly committed myself to ethics, boundaries, standards, and mentors, that create safer and healthier schools, and practices, for sexuality education and exploration.

I am not a trauma therapist, and although I continue to study diligently in the field of trauma, I will refer out anyone that needs trauma therapy. Click here (and scroll down) to find out more about Sacred Temple Arts approach, code of ethics, and trauma informed practice

My depth of study and training in the fields of sex and intimate relationships has been to heal my greatest sexual, intimate and relationship wounds, and to help others to do so as well. Experiencing more embodied awakening, sexual energy and love, without and/or with a partner(s), is possible. Sex and Love are not just for those in a relationship with another 🙂

To be the Best Lover, we must be our own first.

With my primary past relationship experiences having been traumatic, with familial, and partner, betrayal and abuse, I chose to spend many, many, years single. Diving deep into my own self, sex, love and purpose, which has been a huge part of my healing. I am no stranger to the devastating suffering intimate relationships can be, when one or both partners, and/or parents, are not resourced, and continually triggering each other in drama, and trauma. As a result, I have often preferred my own company to another relationship. Our primary relationship is always with ourselves.

In working with me as your coach, we will explore what your Best Sex & Love Life Vision is, and how to get you there safely, consensually, with integrity, and with the most amount of fun possible 🙂 

I know what ecstatic tantric union with conscious loving partners is like. Friends with benefits, soulmates, so-called twin flame, polyamorous, same sex, monogamy and monogamish relationships, and more, I have chosen them all. Currently, I’m revitalizing and resurrecting my Best Sex & Love Life Vision, and calling in a healthy and secure partner, to co-create our lives, and Visions, playfully, erotically, and easily, with. Relating from inner Knowing, rather than ego based rules.

As I am committed to a life of co-creation at its best: working with Universal Laws, sexual energy, other playful humans, and Nature. More conscious loving connection to oneself, others, the Earth, and the Universe, is what I desire, and contribute to, most.

Choosing and creating more pleasure, to continue to awaken and evolve as a Goddess, underlies all I do, and AM.

The feminine within us all knows we can stop choosing the drama, trauma, pain, and suffering, as the only way of living in this reality. We can heal and move through whatever we consider to be “bad” experiences. We can discover, and consciously choose to create, and experience, more pleasure, with and through our bodies, with others, with Nature, personally and collectively.

What if the road to healing is paved with more pleasure, not pain?
Haven’t we all had enough pain?

What if we are on this planet to be joyful, instead of miserable?

Awakening, healing and expanding our sexuality is the first step to a more joyous life experience.

The journey begins in our bodies.

My healing journey has led me to be committed to awakening and expanding energy, and consciousness, for embodied empowerment, and healing, sexually and otherwise.

While having the most PLEASURE possible!

My life and biz motto is: Choose Pleasure As A Way Of Life!


“Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you. You are the traveler and you are the destination. In experiencing the ecstasy of your own being, you have achieved the final goal.”Osho


 One last thing about me, I have an exceptionally deep bond to my cats, the other Sacred Temple Arts resident Goddesses: Sekhmet and Lilith. 

You could say, my life is dedicated to pussy, in a variety of ways 🙂

My girls, Sekhmet & Lilith


Sacha’s Credentials

BA Lesley University: Liberal Arts          

MA Goddard College: Health Arts & Sciences

Planned Parenthood Certified Sex Educator

ACTE, Advanced Certified Tantric Educator, Source Tantra

Licensed & Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™ 

Healing Arts Training & Certifications

Certified In:

Reiki Master, Advance Energy Medicine, Esoteric Healing, Jo-rei, BioGenesis, Touch for Health,

Unlimited Body, Access Consciousness Bars ™ & Body Process™ Sessions,

Gem & Flower Essence Therapy Consultant,

Aroma Touch™ Technique, Aromatherapy, and Herbal Studies.

More Trainings: Polarity, Meditation, Breathwork, Shamanism, Astrology, Women’s Spirituality, Paganism, Occultism, Metaphysics, World Religions, Consciousness Studies, The Spiritual Path (advanced courses with The Center For Esoteric Studies now called Spirit Fire

More Access Consciousness™ Classes: The Foundation, 4-day Sex & Relationship class, individual speciality classes, including Radical Relationships class with Kathy Williams, author of Relationships Done Easy

More Tantra, Sex & Relationship Studies & Intensives

Classes, Events, and Workshops (Facilitated or Assisted)

Full Moon & New Moon (Goddess) special events & meditations,

Reiki Clinic Group & Private Classes,

Spiritual Cinema classes

Sound Healing presenting,

Source Tantra Introductory talks, Beginners & Intermediate weekends,

Tantric Intimacy classes,

Female Anatomy of Arousal & Pleasure workshop for women,

Women’s Sacred Healing Sessions (6 month/Once Monthly Group),

An Introduction to Tantra & Sacred Sexuality presenting Michael Mirdad

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire: Creating Ritual to Materialize Your Dreams presenting shaman Kristen Boyer

Essential Oils and Wellness Presenting Patricia Kaye, Wellness Advocate,

Awakening and Mastering Your Energy workshops:

Classes for mother’s and daughter’s connection and empowerment.


-I don’t know anyone who knows more intellectually or experientially – or is more committed to the sharing of sacred sexuality than Sacha. When you are with Sacha, you are literally in good hands – with a heart and spirit as big as all purposes. Lucky you!

-Sacha is a naturally nurturing soul. The peace and caring she brings to her practice coupled with a rich but open understanding of Tantra history and possibility have made for deeply relaxing sessions of sensuality and stimulation both mental and physical.

Satisfied Clients

-Sacha has a real warm, sincere presence. She knows how to focus on you and tune in to your needs. And where she practices is an amazingly beautiful, peaceful spot. I felt listened to, and I felt she cared a lot.

-The first thing I noticed about Sacha was the passion she has for her work. She is single focused on sharing the healing power of pleasure during a session. Sacha gives her all and I left feeling healed and loved.

Satisfied Clients

I really feel supported by you in this work. I’m excited to continue on this path and grow deeper. Much gratitude for you showing up, creating and holding safe and open space for me to explore and see myself in. You are a blessing. 

Satisfied Client

Sacha has an essence that empowers and a presence that inspires. I was immediately impressed by what she is giving into the fabric of life. She is touching lives in ways that moves people to embody their own greatness and pursue their sacred purpose. Hers is a path of meaning and merit. Everything about her resonates positively. She sets an example that motivates and liberates. 

Satisfied Client