Recommended Products for Goddesses!

Sacha’s Recommended Products For Goddesses!

“A woman becomes a goddess the moment she decides to be one.”

-The Ordinary Priestess

These products are truly fantastic.

Made by Goddesses for Goddesses.

*Let me know if you have any questions on any of them, and I would appreciate your feedback as well.*

“Oh my goodness. Received my wand jn the mail today and had an incredible self love session. Amazing!”


 OMG YES is a highly valuable resource for female anatomy & arousal education & more! 

*The Science Of Women’s Pleasure

*Inspiration for women, men & couples, solo or together

*Learn from hundreds of topics and techniques for vulva pleasure & arousal

*Learn from hundreds of clarifying
animations & tasteful videos

*Hear what women wish they’d known sooner
(& what they wish their partners knew

*Pay once and access the library of techniques forever, like buying a book.

*Check out OMG YES here…

 Queen of the Thrones=The Best Quality Castor Oil & Packs 

Changing sick-care to self-care, scientifically
An organic cotton flannel with Castor Oil worn over your liver and eyes to support daily cleansing. They hug your body while you sleep, helping you relax deeply. This naturally enhances the ideal time for liver detox, lymphatic drainage and colon cleansing. Also packs available for thyroid, pelvic, breast/lymph, back and hormonal support!


"Your well-being is our number one priority. Period. End of story.
Which is why we create our self-care products with premium materials, high quality ingredients, and advice straight from nature that we use for ourselves and our families.

Organic Cotton
Grown without herbicides, pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organic cotton is a pure, breathable fabric which makes it ideal for use on your skin in ALL your self-care practices.

Organic Castor Oil
100% pure, USDA organic, hexane-free and always bottled in amber glass, Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil is premium quality, third-party tested and processed with the highest standards.

And the best part? All our self-care tools have been designed to conveniently fit into your daily routine, making your self-care practice virtually effortless.

Queen of the Thrones® invites you to join us in embracing holistic wellness. We commit to being your trusted companion, guiding you towards a life nourished by nature and powered by you."

Naturopathic Doctor Designed, Clinically Practiced & Patient Preferred Since 2007

No need for heat

Your Castor Oil Pack is designed to naturally hold in your body heat, so no extra heat is necessary.


Your Castor Oil Pack is LESS mess, but not totally mess-free. Only use 1 tbsp of oil per use in the centre of your pack to avoid leakage.

100% pure

100% pure, certified organic, extra virgin and hexane-free. Our Castor Oil is always bottled in AMBER GLASS, never plastic.

There is so much crap on the market in regards to castor oil and castor oil packs. I only trust Queen of the Thrones. You must make sure that you have a proven high-quality source for your castor oil and the packs! 

You can trust these products and I offer my expertise in private sessions on which and how to safely and effectively use them. Don't start using castor oil and packs without the proper instructions and the information you need to begin a safe and healthy practice.

Always do start with the Liver kit/pack. 

Want to know more about these products?

Visit the product information page here...

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 Yoni Eggs & Crystal Wands 

Crystal Wellness and Yoni Eggs For the Modern Woman

for internal use, and more…

“Founded in 2015, Gemstone Yoni is a leading provider of Yoni Gemstones. We’re a purpose driven brand dedicated to “spiritually nourishing women” through crystal wellness by providing the highest quality certified; yoni eggs, crystal sex toys, beauty tools and feminine care products to women all over the globe.

Wellness is a meaning that goes beyond the products in our shop; it comes from how we live our lives. Based out of San Clemente, California, Gemstone Yoni was built with one thing in mind; providing women a safe holistic approach to wellness through the power of crystals. We work with people all over the world sourcing nothing but the finest vibrant raw materials.

At Gemstone Yoni we want you to feel deeply empowered, vibrant and in tune in your own skin. As women become more awakened with their self, they bring up new levels of pleasure; they reach hidden depths of their health and beauty, leaving them fully transformed.

We’re excited to invite you to step into our world of personal transformation. Rediscover your inner being while you create a balance and harmony filling everyday with positive energy.

Gemstone Yoni is happy to offer our customers GIA certified yoni eggs or jade eggs. Our yoni eggs and jade eggs are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. A public benefit, nonprofit institute, GIA is the leading source of knowledge, standards, and education in gems and jewelry since 1931.

Certified yoni eggs ensures customers that the yoni eggs or jade eggs they receive from us are safe, pure and authentic gemstones that have not been heated, dyed or altered.”

There are so many yoni eggs out there on the market! You must make sure that you have a proven high-quality source for your yoni eggs! 

You can trust these products and I offer my expertise in private sessions on safely and effectively using them.  Don’t start using a yoni egg without the proper instructions and the information you need to begin a safe and healthy yoni egg practice.

Shop For Guaranteed High-Quality Yoni Eggs, Wands & More Goddess Products at:

*In choosing a wand and/or a yoni egg, it is important to decipher what you specifically are aiming for with in terms of not just the specific stone/gems properties, but also use wise in terms of size, shape and more.* 

*There are more options (Chakrubs & Tachyonized) eggs and wands on this page…

Contact me/Sacha if you need assistance in choosing. 

 *I also offer private sessions on Yoni Eggs For Your Erotic Blueprints & Female Pleasure & Arousal Education*


Chakrubs Crystal Sex Toys-


I've been researching and using crystals and stones for over two decades in my personal healing practice. In the past decade this evolved to using them internally for even deeper, more expansive healing and pleasure. (Below are two examples)

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The Viper

The Viper-The Shadow Line (Black Obsidian Wand)

The Viper has a unique curvature and ridged shape for extra sensation. Made from pure black obsidian, this tool can be used to see hidden aspects of the self and release negative blocks. The protective and cleansing properties of obsidian make this instrument ideal for tantric or sacred sex rituals. Resembling a rattle or stinger, the Viper is a perfect Shadow Line addition to help you honor your darker impulses. The Viper can specifically assist with:

Absorbing negative energy and releasing stress to improve emotional well-being
Alleviating fears and worries to allow one to become more comfortable within themselves and their surroundings
Increasing stamina and vigor and encouraging wise decision making
Promoting self-control and keeping excessive emotions and passions under control
Easing past relationship trauma and overcoming emotional strain
Fostering emotional stability
Learning and implementing self-control
Promoting clarity when making difficult decisions
Promoting positive sexual health and easing the root chakra and reproductive system
Releasing sexual shame and healing related traumas

This wand is not for everyone. Check how your body reacts and works with Black Obsidian in general as a stone before purchasing this wand for internal use. I used mine specifically for clearing a traumatic relationship. After only using a couple of times, the wand broke in half, not while in use. Luckily, the company stands by its products and sent a brand new one. Then the same thing happened again. The stone/wand was telling me it was retired, and I was done with this stone. Chakrubs offered a 40% off for a replacement product. No other women I know that have the Viper have had this experience. So again, check in as to what stones would best work with you, and know this changes.

The Indian Jade-The Original

The Indian Jade - Slim

 I often sleep with this one in my bed, connecting with the energy of overnight. Indian Jade Chakrub is made from pure green aventurine, which is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals. This precious stone instills a sense of optimism and zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and embrace change. Its gentle green color resonates with the heart chakra and it can be used for harmonizing the emotional body and attracting love. It enhances creativity and motivation, encouraging perseverance in maneuvering through life’s obstacles. Green aventurine is known for helping to release old patterns, habits, and behaviors so that new growth can take place.

The Indian Jade Chakrub can specifically assist with:

Dissolving nervousness, anger, irritation, and everyday stress
Calming chaotic thoughts and grounding one’s energy
Soothing emotional wounds and allows for the release of unhealthy relationships and heartache
Providing a reaffirming energy during times of upheaval or distress
Balancing solar and lunar energy
Releasing attachment to outcome and allowing one to be present for experiences
Enhancing romantic relationships, especially those later in life
Resolving blockages and rebalancing the heart chakra

The Indian Jade - Original is a sturdy & thick Chakrub, suitable and pleasurable for intimate massage.

*In choosing a wand and/or a yoni egg, it is important to decipher what you specifically are aiming for with in terms of not just the specific stone/gems properties, but also use wise in terms of size, shape and more.*

*You will find more options for yoni eggs and wands on this page...* 

Contact me/Sacha if you need assistance in choosing. 

 Tantra Tachyonized Sex Toys

I can't get enough of the Tachyonized Toys!

I started using Tachyon products in my 20's because of their wellness benefits. I was thrilled when I realized a company had created special tantra sexual healing, awakening, and empowerment tools with combining Tachyon into sex toys and more!

So far, I have these products below, and the Tachyonized energy makes a tremondous difference sensation and energetically. Simply out of this world 🙂 I will be adding to my collection.


Tachyonized PINK G-Spot Delight Pleasure Wand

Tachyonized G-Spot Delight Pleasure Wand for the yoni is a wonderful Tachyon sacred tantra product. Activate the G-spot. Experience ecstatic orgasms, heightened sexual pleasure and sensual joy.

Tachyonized G-Spot Delight Pleasure Wand for the yoni is a wonderful Tachyon sacred tantra product. Activate the G-spot. Experience ecstatic orgasms, heightened sexual pleasure and sensual joy.

Tachyonized Root Chakra Plug - Women's Kundalini Activation

This sacred Tachyonized Tachyon tantra product stimulates the perineum and rosetta increasing orgasmic and sexual pleasure and opens you to deep sexual joy and healing. Not to worry men, they have these products for you, too!

This sacred Tachyonized Tachyon tantra product stimulates the perineum and rosetta increasing orgasmic and sexual pleasure and opens you to deep sexual joy and healing.

Tachyonized Yoni Egg 

To me this egg does not replace my other stone eggs, it is another option with a very different frequency I also get off on!

Tachyonized Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Even better than just regular organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, now all the Tachynonized vibes in your lube, too! Not for use with condoms or plastic toys.

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Premium Female Sexual Wellness 


Pleasure is Your Nature


We believe in the healing power of sexual pleasure. That's why our joy and mission is to create life-changing plant-based sexual wellness formulas for your most intimate needs.

Innovative & Effective


From our earliest days inventing the first-ever cannabis and hemp-based personal lubricants, to our CBD suppositories addressing menstrual and pelvic discomfort, we’re passionate about doing what has never been done before.

Our formulas support transformational life experiences, with the most innovative, clean, and effective ingredients available. The sexual needs of women have been overlooked and under-addressed for too long. We’re working to change that story every day.

Does CBD Help With Sex Drive?


1. First slip a Melt inside your vagina.
2. Then rub 2 pumps of Awaken on your mons, labia, and clitoris as well as the entrance to your vagina.
3. Add Sex Oil for as much glide as you want.

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Julva! Anti-Aging Cream For Your Vulva

Yes, it really is ha ha. Mine got plumper and smoother, and it gives me an almost instant clitoral hard on.

Julva is a non-prescription, DHEA restorative cream for the vulva.

Key Benefits

Reverses vaginal atrophy
• Restores natural lubrication
• Improves urine control
• Increases sexual pleasure
• Saves relationships!

Julva’s all-natural ingredients were specifically chosen based on 25+ years of gynecological research and science and I’ve spent my last 4 years in perfecting this nourishing combination for safety and efficacy. Together the ingredients provide a safe, protective solution that offers more than just topical symptom relief…
• Alpine Rose stem cells are harvested from Swiss alpine plants that are known for containing unique compounds that help the plant survive extremely challenging environmental conditions.
• DHEA is a natural bio-identical hormone in women’s (and men’s) bodies that leads to the production of other important hormones such as androgens and estrogens . It has been shown to improve sexual health as well as mood, energy, sense of well being and to maintain healthy bones and muscle. Numerous research studies have shown it to be an effective therapy for women suffering symptoms of vaginal atrophy such as dryness, irritation, pain during intercourse and urinary incontinence.
• Coconut oil is an extremely safe natural oil and, as such, I have long recommended it as a fantastic moisturizing lubricant. It is comprised of fatty acids, of specific benefit are capric, caprylic, and lauric acid which are wound-healing and have antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is nourishing and repairing to damaged cells.
• Vitamin E Tocopherol is nourishing to skin and as an antioxidant, decreases free radical cellular damage. It also is essential for healthy skin growth and repair and prevents cracking and drying, keeping it smooth and supple.
• Emu Oil contains Vitamin A, linoleic and oleic acids which help with skin repair and regeneration. Emu oil facilitates absorption of the deeper tissue gaining the best results possible especially for the vaginal area. It can also reduce swelling from inflammation and is safe for the tenderest most delicate skin.
• Shea butter has long been used for centuries on skin with its moisture rich and creamy effects and proven benefits to improving collagen production. It is rich in natural oils to prevent drying and cracking of skin and has also been shown to soothe inflamed skin.

Julva Free 7-Night Trial   *pay only $4.95 for shipping and handling*


Moon Juice

Adaptogenic Beauty & Wellbeing

Superherbs & Supermushrooms to help expand your bodies capacity to handle mental, physical and emotional stress. I have been personally using adaptogens for years and felt big benefits.

I have fallen in love with putting the Sex Dust, Brain Dust or Spirit Dust in my morning coffee. Which I choose depends on my mood. Each creates a different kind of high turn on for me.

I also like to add in scoop of their Collagen for the skin and hair and more benefits.

Recently I have started adding taking their Super You supplement, in the morning, too.  Stressful times and hormonal imbalance are not my friends and these products have been so the more the merrier 🙂

Sex Dust is just one of my Favorites!


Sex Dust® is an adaptogenic blend of lusty superherbs (Cacao, Shilajit, Shatavari, Epimedium, Maca & Schizandra) that help combat the effects of stress (regulate cortisol) to ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom.*

Contains ingredients with proven benefits:

Supports the body during stress*

Helps the body increase resistance to fatigue while providing energy, vitality, and  well-being*

Helps combat non-specific loss of vigor associated with aging*

Used since ancient times to support reproductive health*

Stress stimulates our essential functions for survival (like narrowed attention), and decreases non-essential ones, (like interest in sex and being happy). Too much of the stress hormone cortisol can lower libido and throw your moods out of whack. 

I love Moon Juice, they have clean supplements, skin care, adaptogens, and food.

Their supplements and skin care use 100% traceable ingredients and are potently dosed so you can really feel a difference.

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*1st order $100+


Meraki Wellness

By Devi

Handcrafted Natural Body Care & Holistic Healing


Devi's Medicinal Apothecary products such as The Healer's Purse and Transcend have become a main part of my daily healthcare. The amount I take of them depends on if its for  acute conditions or for overall well being.

My kitty cat, Lily, has also benefited greatly from Transcend daily in her water.

I have studied herbalism, homeopathy, essential oils, crystal healing and such for most of my life and Devi creates her products with all and more in a superior and synergistic way that is further experienced by taking them.

The high quality of these products, for me have provided mind-blowing whole body healing again and again. I am simply in love with these wellness products!

 My favorites thus far that I highly recommend are...

The Healer's Purse:Infused Wellness Tincture, Transcend Wellness Homeopathic, The Beauty Boost Tincture, Twigs n Berries:Immune Support Oxymel, Bye Wheezy Infused Cough Elixir, Wild Rose & Vanilla Bean Infused Healing Salve, and The Sacred Infused Healing Salve.

I am now beginning to use the Happy Chill Pill tincture and her Happiness Infused Hormone Creme.


MenoThrive is her latest product I have been using and loving...

Homeopathic Oestrogen, Progesterone & Testosterone!


Devi says..."I initially created this homeopathic hormone replacement therapy series for myself and a friend. I failed to respond to conventional HRT therapies. With the hormone patch my body sucked it up too quickly and it kept falling off. The Bioidentical hormones I was on for 16 years post hysterectomy were VERY costly(upwards of $160 a month). I had also lost my wonderful hormone literate doctor. Herbs help me too but, I needed an extra something at a cellular level. I use 15 drops of E&P(Oestrogen & Progesterone) morning and early evening and 10 drops of T(Testosterone) in only the AM. All together they may help to improve cognitive+brain health/energy/mood. These are not a replacement for medical care and you should inform your doctor. This product is not intended to cure or treat any medical condition and should be used responsibly. Not evaluated by the f d a. Discontinue use if you feel unwell. Only for use by anyone in Peri or Post menopause or “T” for men with androgen pause or other hormone imbalance related conditions. This is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE."

Get a $5 off coupon to use on your first purchase at Meraki Wellness LLC.

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Goddess Oil! 

I love the Goddess Oil that is 450mg of CBD!

This product is odor and flavorless, and stimulates the receptor sites where you have a high concentration of nerve endings.


Like all great women, Irie Bliss Goddess Oil is a multi-tasker. While designed for sensual massage, she can also help you combat wrinkles, reduce under-eye puffiness, and maintain a lustrous skin glow. And she’s not done yet: add a favorite essential oil to create your own bug spray, customize an after shave lotion, or add protective tattoo shine.

Safe to use internally and externally, designed to take sublingually or apply topically on skin.

Fragrant- and odor-free, ideal for the allergen averse. Ingredients: 99% pure New England-grown CBD isolate in MCT oil.

My favorite product is the Goddess kit, which has the Goddess Oil, and a luscious Lavender Balm and Mint Pain Balm. 

The Goddess Kit: All the Ingredients for Healing Through Loving Touch

Click Here For My Video Review of it!

Click on the image to check it out.

Goddess Oil and more CBD products…

Use Code: sacredtemple

For free shipping!

Click Here To Read About Sex & CBD 

Click Here To Read About How To Use The Goddess Kit For Sensual Massage & MORE

Venus Mats From Venus Matters

Washable, Absorbent & Waterproof Bed Mats

Organic cotton menstrual blanket, or gusher pad. Waterproof & washable. Leak and stain-proof, elegant bed mats.



Introducing the world’s most beautiful bed mat — from menstruation to maternity to messy sex, Venus Mats have you covered.

No more wet spots, blood stains or worries in bed.  


❥ Leak-proof & super absorbent 

❥ Breatheable & guaranteed waterproof for 3+ years 

❥ Washer/Dryer safe

❥ Handmade in the USA with 5 layers of certified safe fabrics


Your body is miraculous. Your biology is nothing to be ashamed about. Life is wonderfully messy and we celebrate that! Venus Mats allow new mothers, menstruators or anyone desiring more sex (but less mess) to relax and have more fun in bed. Discover the ease, elegance, and elevation of a Venus Mat.

Personally, I have different mats for different purposes.

I recommend this as it keeps the energies and associations with the different blankets different for myself, and my partners. 

What others say….


“When I say my Venus Mat has changed my life, it’s an understatement!”


“We can use as much coconut oil as we like & enjoy watersports.”


” I don’t know what I’d do without it. It has made my life so much easier!”


“It’s changed my bleeding to feeling really great!


“The Venus Mat has enhanced my sense of

freedom to ecstatic heights!”


The Venus Mat’s waterproofing is lighter (non-crinkly), and breathable (compared to the Liberator) and I’ve been told they are lasting longer than expected—four years and counting!

I use my new Venus Mats (I LOVE THE DRAGON & WILD VENUS & KING SIZE FLOWER DAKINI!) for my ejaculatory escapades. Let’s face it, no one likes sleeping in the wet spot! And mattresses are not cheap!

Venus Mat’s are also endorsed by the Female Ejaculation expert, my friend, teacher and colleague, Deborah Sundahl!

To Shop Now & Get 10% Off Click Here!

More about…

“The truth is: there’s also a lot more competition out there for keeping your bedding clean and dry when life gets wonderfully messy. So we decided to road-test some of the other bed mats on the market (and to our surprise, we found there’s not much real competition, after all).

One well-known brand sounds like a tent (not sexy), with reviews showing it loses its waterproofing in no time (we put it under our Christmas tree only to find red stains had bled through on the carpet from over-watering). Other mats actually repel liquids (wait, isn’t that the point?!). Some are advertised as dog blankets, which is just humiliating (but we tested them anyway, and they’re nowhere near as absorbent). A few are simply one layer of fabric, without covering the polyurethane (no thanks).

We had a bed mat shipped all the way from Australia (from a company that’s recently gotten a lot of publicity on the powers of squirting). Turns out, it has visible holes in the loosely knitted fleece fabric — which falls apart with the slightest tugging (we’re actually afraid to wash it).

Venus Mats are built to last.

Our devotion is to do right for our customers and for Earth, Herself. We seek out the highest-quality sustainable fabrics we can find (certified safe and luxurious on naked skin), and we hand sew Venus Mats in the USA (to ensure our sewers are properly paid). We also guarantee every Venus Mat’s waterproofing for 10 years. Our only five-star reviews are a testament to how hard we’ve worked and how much our customers love their Venus Mats.

Since the “competition” is usually cheaper, it might be tempting to join a race to the bottom …but, nope. We haven’t even raised our prices in several years (and that’s going to have to change). We will not lower our standards for love and beauty, in honor of Venus.

In fact, we’re busy designing the next iteration with even more sustainable and higher functioning fabrics, and more beautiful designs. For now, with supply chain issues and inflation on the rise, we don’t want you to miss out on getting a Venus Mat at current prices.

This isn’t a hard sell, it’s a soft invitation.

If you’ve been waiting to enjoy the magic of Venus Matters, now might be the time. We are proud to be a part of the rising tide of wild and sacred feminine energy on this planet. May the wisdom and power of women help turn societies everywhere towards a more sane and humane future. Thank you for honoring your body temple and for believing Venus Matters.

Here’s to a peaceful, more female-powered and divinely pleasurable world!”

-Jules Cazedessus.  Founder & CEO



Period-proof underwear that has your back!

I’ve been using Thinx for over 5 years now.

I wish I had has these panties my whole menstruating life!!!!

I am a huge advocate for free bleeding!

I can’t wear tampons or use diva cups (too sensitive), and I hate wearing pads that feel like diapers!

Thinx panties are the best and easiest choice for me!

They are the best choice for the planet!!!

They hold up to two tampons worth!

I prefer the organic cotton ones. They say they feel like normal underwear. What I have found is the organic cotton does feel more like normal underwear than the other fabrics as they feel more like a swimsuit. 

I wash mine on the hand wash cycle in my machine. So easy!

They are worth the price in that they will last if you treat them properly.

They make them in so many styles and have athletic wear and they have a line for girls, too!!!

They have a 60 day money back guarantee!

And their mission is rad, too!

Click Here And Get $10 Off!


Sign up for Thinx periodicals as they provide excellent articles on menstruation health and wellness!

Also in terms of free bleeding, (and simply less laundry!), every Goddess needs a Venus Mat (see above).

Vagina Friendly Natural Condoms, Tampons, Pads, Period Panties & More…

Do you know what’s in your vagina?

Sustain makes 100% organic cotton tampons, pads, and liners.

No dyes or fragrances, which means they’re more vagina-friendly.

Clear your shelf and change your habits.

A healthy vagina means reconsidering everything you put in it.

Get $10 off your first period kit.

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Sacha’s favorite Leggings! 

Clients often ask me about my leggings.

So many different styles and patterns, and they are so very soft and comfortable!

I mostly live in this brand.

Use my  referral link and save 20% off on your first order….​

 Liquid Nymph

BDSM Collars & Bondage Chokers Cuffs Leash, Oh MY!

Bondage need not be so serious and boring!

 It can be elegant, cute and feminine!

Liquid Nymph collars and cuffs are inspired by Lolita, Gothic, SteamPunk, Orientalism, Sissy Maids and more. My colleague Kismet, and her husband Dave do it all from start to finish.

Want to mix and match the different elements you see?

No problem, its like "Build-A-Bondage" let them know what you like. Almost everything can be made with matching cuffs. The shiny leather stuff is real patent leather, is belt weight and genuine cow hide.

Here are just a few of my favorites from her store...

Be sure to use discount code: SACHALOVE for 10% off on any order!

BELLA BDSM Slave Bondage Leather Collar Kitten Pet Jewelry DDLG Submissive Collar Black Pink Satin Ruffle

Lace Bondage Collar - Emerald Peacock of Black Leather with Green Venice Lace - Submissive Discreet DDlg BDSM Fetish Kitten play Collar

WICKED CUSTOM 3- piece set lining Pink Bondage Black Leather BDSM Collar - Pink Lace Locking

Feathered Bondage Fetish Collar - VALKYRIE Leather Black Feathers Leather Bondage FemDom Choker BDSM Collar w Leash

BDSM Collar Cuffs - CONSTANCE Black Leather Lace Locking Day Collar


*Legal Disclaimer:

Sacha Fossa recommends persons see a licensed health care practitioner for any physical, mental or emotional issues that one may be experiencing. All assessments should be undertaken by licensed practitioners, therefore follow your physician’s recommendations for medications and overall treatment plan and clinical psychological diagnosis or medical advice.

*These session and program experiences and/or product recommendations are not intended to replace that of licensed medical services, or to divert persons from seeking professional care and help.

*Sacha Fossa is not a licensed health care practitioner. She has a Master's degree in Health, Arts & Sciences and many certifications in Alternative and Holistic Healing & Wellness Arts Therapies.

*She does not diagnose, treat or prescribe. She simply may recommend products. She also moves and balances energy, consensually, that can result in increased awareness and wellness, with shifts in consciousness and timelines, in order to facilitate positive changes and evolution. ​

*If you purchase recommended products through this website, Sacha may receive compensation for as an affiliate. She has tested most of these products personally and highly recommends them to you because they have benefited her and/or her trusted colleagues and clients.*

*Sacha is not a doctor. She, and/or Sacred Temple Arts, shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, any of the recommended products. Such products are used at purchasers own discretion. Sacha does not hold any liability for damages or harm made by any recommended products. Sacha is not a medical professional and none of the products treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. If you have any medical conditions, or have any questions please consult with a professional licensed doctor or physician before use of any of these products. Results will vary based on each individual and how they choose to use the product.*

*The statements made regarding these products or services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.*

Do you want more love and better sex?

Do you desire a more satisfying sex, and love life, partnered or not?

Discover how Sacred Temple Arts can help you get the sex & love life you really want!

"Highly sexed people always have a plentiful supply of magnetism."

"Sex desire is the most powerful of all human desires."

"The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind and spirit."

"Love, Romance, and Sex, are all emotions capable of driving (humans) to super achievement."

- Napoleon Hill

Ready for immediate access to an invaluable intimacy education that will uplevel your sex and love life, partnered or not?

*Check out Sacha’s video courses on HOT Topics such as The Erotic Blueprints™, Tantra, Sexual Healing & Awakening, Becoming A Master Lover, How To Become An Expert Kisser, How To Do Sex Magic, Giving Superior Cunnilingus, Best Fellatio For Her Pleasure, plus informative interviews and SO MUCH MORE! (*previously featured on my Binge network channel) for your…Best Sex & Love Life!

Here’s to your extraordinarily empowering  sex education!

*Sacha's Sacred Temple Arts YouTube Channel 50+ videos for...

To Your Overall, Intimate & Erotic, Health, Wellness, Pleasure, Education, Empowerment & Expansion!

"I am getting so much from your videos!  They are wonderful.  I have been spent the last 2 years searching material from several lightworkers and none ever spoke to me like yours."

"Watched all of the rest of your fellatio videos tonite and shared much with my lover. This is having magnificent results on my confidence and reducing inhibition levels."


*For an introduction to the Erotic Blueprints™ & Sacred Temple Arts in general, click here*...