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“You provide a great service. Sexuality is so important but it’s one of those topics people cringe over, you help to get it out from under the sheets.”
-satisfied male client mid 70’s

Sacred Temple Arts have helped clients and can help you...

Determine what ones best sex & love life looks like and create an actionable plan to get there.

Increase sexual energy, passion, desire, confidence, connection and overall wellness.

Heal sexual issues, problems and challenges including addiction (to sex and/or porn), erectile dysfunction, painful sex, shame, guilt, confusion, trauma, abuse and negative beliefs affecting sexual connection, performance and orgasm.

Benefit from new intimacy and communication skills.

Recover from past heartache, relationships and/or affairs.

Understand how polarity can spark and rekindle attraction.

Redefine and balance both giving and receiving in life and lovemaking.

Discover and navigate dating and/or alternative relationship paths.

Recover from body, self-esteem and self-confidence issues.

Learn to listen to one's body and its desires.

Create safe and consensual fantasy and play to explore new erotic edges and more. 

Become not just empowered sexually, but in life.

Get an honest advanced sex education.

Learn how Tantra profoundly enhances intimacy. 

Connect to your innate wisdom and knowing.

Experience profound new levels of pleasure and orgasm, in and out of the bedroom.

Choose Pleasure As A Way of Life! 

Sacred Temple Arts Goddess logo

Sacred Temple Arts Goddess Logo

Sacred Temple Arts Approach

The weaving of Holistic Arts and Therapies into these sex, intimacy, and relationship coaching sessions creates a mind-body-soul-plus sex and spirit-embodied alchemy.

Programs are a deep dive into sexual-spiritual awakening, tantra, healing, empowerment, and wellness.

Your life and body rapidly transform as a result of your new inner experiences of igniting, directing, and cultivating your sexual energy, for more pleasure and vitality.

Sex is about energy, not effort.

You can study and learn all the techniques you like, but you will never be a Master lover, to yourself or another, in or out of the bedroom, until you have learned how to expand your Consciousness and to direct and play with energy.

Don’t be just a fucker, become a Master Lover!

These Sacred Temple Arts will help you awaken and embody your sacred temple, your body, through ancient and modern healing arts. Ancient temple arts, practices of long ago in Egypt, China, Persia, India and Greece, all had something in common. They celebrated the feminine and the sacred union of the feminine and masculine. Rituals included sensual and sexual ceremonies. They knew how to cultivate and expand energy internally, how to transmit this energy to another, and how to bring this energy through their lives in creative expression. To be charged with life. Tapped In. Tuned in, Turned ON.


Get The Best Happy Ending EVER!!!

And no, you won’t receive a happy ending or tantric massage from me, as that’s illegal. I teach it, but I do not provide it to clients!  You will get a better sex and love life, and become a sexual master, which is a far happier ending than a quick sexual release!

As a sexual health and empowerment provider, I often receive either *requests for* or fear-based concerns* about my services related to nudity. I want to be very clear that I DO NOT offer ANY services with my clients or myself being nude during sessions. This being said, I FULLY encourage and support your own physical exploration OUTSIDE of our sessions together (if that is what you seek), including sexy practices at home which you will most likely receive as part of your session homeplay assignments. I run a legal business, and as such, my “happy endings” are centred around those that you get as a result of the transformation from our sessions. And believe me… you will get a VERY HAPPY ENDING! …Or shall we say, beginning…?!”

Working with sexual energy is playing with fire. It is essential to have an experienced guide to help you navigate this path. You will be asked to: become more open-minded, learn and experiment with an updated, accurate, sex education, release limiting beliefs and trauma, be willing to reclaim how powerful you actually are, and incorporate and expand new levels of pleasure and orgasm into your life.

To live a life aligned with one’s true self, we must delve deeply into our inherent sexualness, our erotic nature, and let this well of creative life-force energy spring forth through bodily pleasure, joy, and self-expression. The more we repress and suppress our passion and intimacy, the more we dam up our greatest untapped resource-our sexual energy.

Sessions are for individuals and couples, or any other intimate relationship types.

We welcome all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and pansexual people, all gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations and lifestyles.

Customized emailed programs (homeplay) are provided for you to continue your (possibly R-to X-rated) practices in between sessions.

Private, semi-private, or public: classes, events, speaking engagements, and workshops available.

  Sacha’s coaching and healing is sourced from intuitive wisdom merged with vast experiential and academic knowledge. Her certifications in holistic methodologies, including tantra, are at the leading edge of the sexuality, and healing arts and therapies, fields. Her strategic and integrative coaching, combined with energy/bodywork, will get you the sex, intimacy, and relationship health and wellness results you desire.



More recent logo

Masculine & Feminine Partnership STA Heart Logo 

STA sessions and programs give you the keys to creating more of what you want, in and out of the bedroom.

What else is possible in your sex, and love, life?

Are you interested in creating the relationship lifestyle and dream that you want, inside or outside of the box, in a safe, consensual and healthy way? Sacha specializes in getting you the connection and intimacy you want within your own body first, then with others, in whatever types of relationships, and/or lifestyle choices, you prefer.

Sacha’s teachings and personality are mostly non conventional, but she supports and admires whatever ways of non-harmful, and of course consensual, sexual life you choose. Although her sessions and programs are holistically inclined, you don’t have to be.

Sacha creates a caring and judgement free zone. The world desperately needs more of these.

photo of Sacha in rocking chair

How much more pleasure can you stand in your body? In your life?

 Sacred Temple Arts was founded by myself, Pleasure CEO, and Sex Goddess, Sacha. 

At the beginning of this journey, I trained and brought on my then partner to work with me. It turned out, he was not in support of the Sacred Temple Arts mission, purpose, or of the feminine energy, and is no longer available for coaching, or healing work. That experience brought me a renewed power and clarity that infuses this updated, current version, of Sacred Temple Arts, that continues to evolve.

I am extremely cautious and selective about who I choose to work with. There have been far too many cases, in my personal and professional tantric studies, and in the Neo-tantric movement at large, of unethical behaviors: boundaries being crossed, and straight up sexual assault, and/or misconduct.

At the request and/or need of a client who wishes to not only work with a female (Sacha), but also with another male and/or female, colleagues, highly trained sex educators and/or coaches, may work alongside me.

I choose and strive to create an impeccable level of integrity in myself, and in Sacred Temple Arts.

*The “we” referred to on this website, represents Sacha and the energies/Beings that offer their gifts and blessings through her.*

We warmly welcome clients of all ages (if under 18, you must have written parental consent), sexual identities, orientations, lifestyles and relationship paths. We promote and assist our clients in being as free and self-expressed as possible…

empowering the fullness of expression that comes through the release of cultural sexual shame and trauma, and embracing pleasure as a way of life.

Love Is Love!

STA Manifesto 

We believe pleasure is meant to be a top priority in life.

We believe it is up to us to consciously choose and make pleasure our priority.

We believe passion and directed (sexual) energy can and will ignite, transform, and create the life of our desires and choosing.

We believe with or without a partner, sex and orgasm are as normal and necessary as eating and breathing.

We believe we need to talk about sex and to express ourselves sexually more, as sexuality is a natural expression of ourselves.

We believe we are all perfect and whole just as we are, human and divine, and that all healing is simply something we do innately.

We believe we should treat ourselves and our bodies the way we want others to treat us and them.

We believe it is time to let go of negative beliefs, shame, and guilt when it comes to sex.

We believe orgasm can be the best medicine, and that consciously connecting and running sexual energy dramatically heals most dissatisfaction with life.

We believe we should give and receive healthy touch, as we are mostly starved for this in our culture.

We believe sex-positive education and practices-are fodder for more liberating and satisfying sex lives.

We believe sex is not about effort. It is about energy.

We believe More Sexual Energy+Connection=More Sex & Love=A Better Life!

We believe all sex is sacred and improves when it is experienced as such.

We believe in celebrating and honoring all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, relationships, and lifestyle choices. 

STA’s Motto is…Choose Pleasure As A Way of Life!


Location & What To Expect

Sacred Temple Arts is located North of Boston, in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

In-person sessions are provided in safe, private, comfortable healing spaces designated for this work. In-person sessions depend upon governmental protocols currently.

Sessions are also offered virtually.

Virtual sessions contain energywork (instead of hands-on-clothing-on-energy and bodywork, as in-person sessions do).

 Sessions include homeplay programs for you to do hands-on-clothing-off healing work with yourself, and a partner(s) if you have one/them.

Click Here To Learn More About What To Expect At A Session


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Sacred Temple Arts Cancellation Policy for all sessions and programs:

Clients will generally be charged for half of the price of the session if it is cancelled within the 48 hour period. Depending on the session or program, they may be asked for a deposit to hold a session or program date(s).


Code Of Ethics 

Sacred Temple Arts chooses to adhere to this code of ethics…


Sacha/Sacred Temple Arts also adheres to her coach licensing agreements and contracts from Jaiya’s New World Sex Education, as well as her companies code of ethics…


Please refer to the page on her site How We Roll

Sacha continues her studies, and to upgrade her coaching, participating in monthly classes, calls and continuing education under Jaiya’s tutelage.


Sacred Temple Arts chooses to adhere to these Erotic Blueprint Coach™ Consent Guidelines

Clients will be educated about consent, and using consent, and establishing and honoring boundaries, in their relationships, as part of creating their ideal sex and love life.

Conscious explicit consent will be part of the coaching process.

A Trauma Informed Practice

Sacred Temple Arts is a Trauma Informed Practice, as described from the book “Trauma: A Practical Guide to Working with Body and Soul” by Christiane Pelmas:

“Having a “trauma-informed” practice does not mean you’ve taken it upon yourself to become one of the world’s leading trauma authorities. Having a trauma-informed practice does mean you’ve educate yourself on the prevalence, signs and symptoms of trauma, as well as some of the many opinions when it comes to its treatment.
A trauma-informed practice means you have taken into consideration the ways a person with unsequenced trauma in their body might feel in your presence, in your physical office and with your touch. And in that process, you have modified your behaviors, physical environments, your processes and protocols according to your findings, and your clients’ feedback.

A trauma- informed practice means we have learned how to spot the living effects of trauma in a human body, to assess when a client is in acute distress and in need of more specific professional support and how to, above all, creative a space and a way-of-being in our practices where we are eminently careful of and sensitive to the many ways trauma shows up and can be triggered. This is, fundamentally, the core of a trauma-informed practice.

A trauma-informed practitioner is one who is informed by, and stays current with, the basic information regarding trauma, its symptoms, triggers and treatments. And, justice as critical, trauma-informed practitioner is one who is animated by a supple responsiveness, conscious to the myriad ways a traumatize body responds, moment by moment, to its environment. This practitioner has taken care to know and unwind their own unsequenced trauma so it does not consciously derail their capacity to hold eminent safety, boundaries and awareness with all clients who place their bodies and souls in the practitioner’s hands.

Perhaps most importantly, the trauma-informed practitioner is one who prioritizes a consistent council of their peers and mentors/elders. This is a pioneering, young and edgy field, one which is fraught with the possibility of encountering our own, and our clients’, shadow parts. It is incumbent upon us to create and maintain regular peer supervision groups as well as finding mentors and elders whom we trust.

Through consistently more sophisticated practices of attunement, we can become practitioners who cognitively feel the current physio-emotional states of our clients — perhaps before even they are consciously aware of them. We can learn to honor and respect our embodied experiences as we also consistently learn to become more subtly aware of the ways our presence impacts others.

The more we become astute, attuned practitioners, the more we facilitate the human work of our time: our human healing and wholing so that future generations may see a species of humans organized around well-being”

Do you want more love and better sex?

Do you desire a more satisfying sex, and love life, partnered or not? Discover how Sacred Temple Arts can help you get the sex & love life you really want!


“Sex does not exist in a separate compartment in our lives, but permeates our entire existence.”


“The pages of history are filled with the records of great leaders whose achievements may be traced directly to the influence of women who aroused the creative faculties of their minds, through the stimulation of sex desire.”


Napoleon Hill

We absolutely loved our session. It made for a very comfortable setting. We found that there was a lightness and ease to the conversation, and many options on how to approach new things. We also have to mention how beautiful your home is and how the space added to the experience. What we have learned, we have taken home and made it our own. It has added to the awareness and intimacy of our relationship. We really enjoyed such an intentional approach, where each person is honored and appreciated. Each appointment offered excellent ways to become aware of the spirituality within sensuality.

Satisfied Couple

Sacha is a well-trained, centered, highly experienced, and gifted practitioner–one of the best I’ve ever encountered.  When you walk into her work space you immediately know you have brought your own “Sacred Temple”  (your body) to a Sacred Temple, and she is the priestess.  She brings solidly rooted spirituality to her work, which is an essential part of the processes she uses.  I found her to be open-hearted, gentle and sensitive, and a good listener who helped me to explore what blockages I was creating in my body so that I could release them and have a more pleasurable awareness of my whole mind-body-spirit self.  My very first session had far reaching and long lasting effects on my life. Anyone who goes to her seeking help will be pleased with the results I’m sure.

Satisfied Client


"I am getting so much from your videos!  They are wonderful.  I have been spent the last 2 years searching material from several lightworkers and none ever spoke to me like yours."

"Watched all of the rest of your fellatio videos tonite and shared much with my lover. This is having magnificent results on my confidence and reducing inhibition levels."