What are the Erotic Blueprints™?

Have you ever heard of The 5 Love Languages?

If you have worked with Sacha as your coach, you generally have.

Gary Chapman’s model of 5 Love Languages addresses how you give and receive Love, and…

The Erotic Blueprints™ are the 5 Languages Of Intimacy…

The 5 Sex Languages!

They are about your eroticism, and contribute to both your sex and love life!

In essence, your core blueprints indicate the unique way you, or your partner, get turned on. Whether it’s…

Energetic Blueprint


Sensual Blueprint

Sexual Blueprint

Kinky Blueprint

Shapeshifter Blueprint

a combination of some or all of the other 4 blueprints= Shapeshifter Blueprint

Like with Love Languages, you and your partner(s) often have different Blueprints.

Every one of us has different erotic wiring. How we are sexually wired to receive pleasure is more likely than not, very different from our partners wiring.

 I will help you to learn more about your own, and the other languages, and how to become fluent in all of these languages! That’s what real Erotic Mastery is about!

Why learn about the Erotic Blueprints™?

Ever felt like you and a partner just didn’t seem to be speaking the same language in the bedroom?

Maybe it’s that you feel like your partner just doesn’t get you? Maybe you feel stuck or that you don’t really know what turns you on? Perhaps it’s the feeling that if you have to do it the same way one more time you will run away screaming? Whatever your particular frustration is with your sex life, this system can help you not only understand what is really going on, but will also help you turn those differences into expansion of your own pleasure.

How one person receives pleasure and experiences turn on is completely different from how another person receives pleasure and experiences turn on. And not just the way you think you experience turn on, but how your body responds somatically.

This Erotic Blueprint system finally gives a language to understand yourself and your partner sexually. It provides a clear path to reconciling sexual differences, busting through pleasure ceilings, and skyrocketing your sex life!

Limitless Expansion Is Possible And Probable…with the Erotic Blueprint system!

You will reconnect with your sexual desire and ignite your libido while finding out what specifically turns you on.

Understanding your own, and your partners blueprinting, and thus more about your/their sexuality, will deepen your connection and intimacy.

This system has literally saved marriages on the brink of divorce.

It provides a clear and concise language to communicate with your partner!

You will learn how to communicate and feed your authentic desires!

Being able to determine your partner’s (or potential partner’s) Erotic Blueprint™ and communicate in their language is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

Learning how to fill yourself up, and expand in your own blueprints, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself on your erotic empowerment journey.

Discover more and more pathways to your, and their, pleasure, turn on, and orgasm!

Cultivating the Erotic Blueprints™ will create even higher levels of turn on, pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

This system has helped people go from not having sex at all to having pleasurable and satisfying sex as often as they desire. For those already having a satisfactory sex life, it has made it extraordinary.

On your Erotic Blueprint journey, you will be healing your sexual shadows, and uncovering what’s really holding you back in the bedroom. The beliefs and the shame that our culture, our society, our family, our spiritual practices, and even ourselves, has instilled in us, disallows for an epic sex life.


So, if you ever wanted to…

Have every aspect of your erotic self fed-and fulfilled!

Re-ignite passion, attraction, and have far more sexual satisfaction!

Connect more deeply with yourself and your lover(s)!

Be heard, seen and felt without judgement and shame, and

Take your sex life to the next level…then




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“Before discovering Jaiya’s body of work on the blueprints, and the accompanying supportive community, I was going through a period of waking up feeling heavily depressed. I came to recognize through this blueprint work that my deep sense of “wrongness” stemmed from great shame, and judgement, from past relationships that I was/am “too much”, sexually. I was shamed for always wanting more, and requiring variety I craved. I came to understand that I am a Shapeshifter blueprint, and sexual starvation can lead to depression as such. Being in a healing stage after my last breakup, I was/am challenged with finding a new lover to trust and open up to. Shapeshifters require variety to not get bored in the bedroom. They need all the blueprints to play in, and the more the better! So, there was nothing “wrong” with me! I am a Shapeshifter! My partner was not, and he was deeply in shadow of his sexuality, and blueprints. Learning about the blueprints, and working with the shadows of mine, helped me to begin to heal and accept myself. To begin feeding myself. To come to full acceptance of the vital, orgasmic, insatiable, erotically liberated Being, I naturally am! A spark happened within, as the shame and judgement of others I carried began to erode. My awareness of the beauty of my highly Sexual & Energetic Shapeshifter self emerged. The wisdom, inspiration, and healing of the blueprint framework, and the community accessibility and vulnerability, penetrated me, encouraged, supported and uplifted me. I have more self-love and acceptance, than ever before! I have greater consciousness with these remarkable tools and connections, that will benefit and expand my sexuality, and next relationship(s), for a lifetime.”


You (Sacha) are a powerhouse-and a very highly trained and talented healer-your instincts are mind-blowing. Pulled tension and anxiety up and out that had been lodged in my muscles, joints and chakras.You have such an uncanny instinct for what is needed-I don’t know how you know all the ways to make things move. I think you touched on every single (erotic) blueprint. You have no fear and pure giving energy that you bring them all forth with. Yes, I am afraid I am a frustrated Shapeshifter. And I am feeling energized and utterly exhausted all at once-like being released from being bound up and trapped like a mummy. I can take deeper, easier breaths than I have in ages. I knew something wasn’t right, that I was hyper tense and stiff and both physically and spiritually uptight and couldn’t break it. I had no idea how tied up I was-bound in my own mess. I’ve never released energy like that without my partner involved, this was a very different, very healing experience.

female client, 50

Sacha is a personally trained, licensed, and Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™ through the internationally recognized, award-winning somatic sexologist, author, speaker, coaching expert, and creator of the Erotic Blueprints™, Jaiya .

Jaiya speaks on stages around the world, creating transformation for the clients of thought leaders like Tony Robbins, Mama Gena, Neil Strauss, Esther Perel and many other others. You may have seen her on Ricki Lake, The Doctors, Good Morning America, Nightline, The Anderson Show, The Tyra Banks Show, TLC, CNN or Playboy TV to mention a few.

Jaiya has been and continues to be, one of Sacha’s greatest coaches and teachers.

*Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint courses, coaching and systems, are uniquely Jaiya’s work, and thus have their own category on this website, as well as a  different structure, from Sacha’s other coaching and session work.* 

For over 2 decades, Jaiya was immersed in the study of arousal through her sexological bodywork. Through observation and clinical research she discovered the Erotic Blueprints™, “a map of arousal that reveals your specific erotic language of orgasmic delight.”

After tens of thousands of people had filled out her online Erotic Blueprint™ quiz (see below), she found that the gender stereotypes (all women are sensual, all men are sexual) do not apply and that learning your type empowers you to get your individual sexual needs fed and fulfilled.

“There are a lot of stereotypes about what provides a fulfilling sex life.
Sex techniques are no guarantee of orgasmic bliss. In fact, using the wrong technique on the wrong person can create turn off, shutdown and possibly even traumatic response.
What I discovered is techniques don’t create lasting passion and sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction is not one size fits all.


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"The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind and spirit."

"Love, Romance, and Sex, are all emotions capable of driving (humans) to super achievement."

- Napoleon Hill

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