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Sacha’s Recommendations Of Products For Your Wellness!

I’ve been studying, training in, and implementing holistic healing arts and wellness practices for over twenty years.

The products here are ones that I use and benefit from daily.


The 20 FLOW

“Make Blood Flow Where You Want It To Go… Your Brain, Your Heart and ALL Your Parts.”

“Think Faster, Feel Tingly Pleasure,

Pumps Up Clitoral and Penile Erections.”

“Nitric Oxide may help support healthy blood pressure levels, cardiovascular and heart health and increases circulation and healthy artery function.

More blood flow to your genitals means the erectile tissue expands more easily. This blood flow to the genitalia is called tumescence or engorgement.

Engorgement works the same in men as in women because women have as much erectile tissue inside our genitals as men do. In females, the clitoral structure and urethral sponge—also known as the G-Spot—is made of the same tissue as the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum in the male penis. We have the same parts arranged differently. We all need good blood flow to achieve tumescence as we age.

Nitric Oxide relaxes the endothelium or smooth muscle tissue in your veins, allowing the blood to flow easily throughout your body.


Supporting your Nitric Oxide production as you age increases your body’s ability to send blood flow everywhere you need it, including to your genitals during arousal.

Plus, more blood flow means more surface area for pleasurable sensations”


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How about more Desire, too?

I am additionally highly recommending…


*The Desire Trio*

My favorite Libido Vitamin. Trust me you will…


New Daily Libido Vitamin
Backed By Scientific Evidence

Feeling Sexy?

When you’re sexually alive, life just feels more exciting, lustier.

You walk into a room and people seem more alluring.

You feel sparks fly between you and your partner.

Sexy thoughts slip into your mind throughout the day.

Things tingle…

Has it been a while since you felt like a horny teenager or a sexy goddess?

It’s human nature to want to feel a strong libido.

Your libido is your life force — your lust for life. Your libido is a signal that you’re healthy and the world is your oyster. And speaking of oysters…

Are Aphrodisiacs Real?

Every traditional culture cherished plants and foods that get the juices flowing.

Did you know that oysters are considered an aphrodisiac because of their high concentration of zinc?

It turns out that zinc helps produce key sex hormones and has been linked to erectile function.

Erectile function is as important for females as it is for males. A major contributor to low libido in women stems from the lack of engorgement (erectile response) of the genitals.

Three plants used by forager cultures throughout history are Tonkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris, and Fenugreek.


These three libido-supporting plants continue to be studied by today’s biomedical industry for their potent effect on libido:

These plants are considered adaptogens — they adapt to what your body needs.

Tonkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris, and Fenugreek are well documented to regulate many body functions.

They are steeped in ancestral wisdom. And these three plants, in particular, are backed by scientific evidence for libido enhancement.

Your Body is a Garden
of Earthly Delights

The difference between good gardens and great gardens is the quality of the fertilizer.

That’s why you want to take libido supplements when you’ve met your body’s daily vitamin and mineral requirements.

Here’s a perfect example. Your body makes sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. But 98% of your hormones are “bound” to a protein unless you have enough of a mineral called Boron.

In order to utilize the hormones your body makes, you need Boron as well as proper amounts of Magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

And that’s just one example of how daily vitamins and minerals support a healthy libido.

Taking a libido supplement WITHOUT getting the proper micronutrients is like planting seeds in a desert.


If you have better things to do with your time—like making sweet love—you’ll appreciate that we’ve combined our libido herbs with a daily vitamin-mineral complex.

Think about the TRIO Libido Vitamins as your daily vitamin with a little something’ more. 

Now you can take your daily vitamin AND taking libido supplement together in one daily dose.

The TRIO Libido Vitamins are made for those committed to keeping their sex lives going strong.



ROOT products support your body to detox, cleanse, focus and relax – simply and naturally.  The removal of harmful toxins from our contaminated internal environment is the foundation for wellness.

Check out these products that I especially recommend for dealing with the current abhorrent threats to our health at this time….

I have been using the Trinity pack.

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This was the video that sold me on it…why and how it works and it is the doctors who developed…

Dr Christina Rahm & Clayton Thomas

“Earthing connects us to Nature and Nature is the ultimate source of health and healing.”

—John Gray, PH.D., Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Just as the sun gives us warmth and vitamin D, the Earth underfoot gives us food and water, a surface to walk, sit, stand, play, and build on, and something you never, ever thought about—an eternal, natural, and gentle energy.

Disconnected from the Earth we feel fatigued.

Being isolated from the Earth by non-conductive materials such as wood, tile, and carpeted floorings in our homes, as well as rubber and plastic in our shoes, leaves us feeling unhealthy.

Connecting with the Earth restores balance.

When we make direct contact with the surface of the Earth, with our bare feet or hands, our bodies receive a charge of energy that makes us feel better, fast.

The Earth produces a 7.83 Hz EM field (the Schumann Resonance) entraining all life harmonically in these fields the EEG and EMG readings showed that grounding significantly influences the electrical activity of the brain and muscles, even within a mere half hour. In fact, dramatic changes were recorded almost instantly (withing two seconds) of Earthing.

Earthing practices and products have both PREVENTATIVE and HEALING capabilities.

An increasing amount of scientific studies have been proving that “Earthing” (a.k.a. “grounding” with your body) produces the following REDUCTION in:

Inflammation throughout the body

including neural inflammation

Pain sensations

Problematic autoimmune responses within the body

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Impaired sleep and symptoms such as snoring and teeth grinding

Depressive symptoms, lethargy, and chronic fatigue

Hormonal and menstrual stress

Colic in babies

Weight (loss; inflammation related)

Problematic behavioral, emotional, and physical symptoms in children; including those with autism (study shows improvement after 2 months of Earthing)

MORE improvements being reported regularly… stay tuned for more research!

In my experience, Earthing also increases Sexual Energy, and therefore Libido!

To get access to more scientific information on this topic watch the FULL EARTHING DOCUMENTARY on Youtube Here


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*Please note I am no longer an affilaite for this company but I continue to recommend it’s products until I can find a better Earthing products company to join :)*

Moon Juice

Adaptogenic Beauty & Wellbeing

Superherbs & Supermushrooms to help expand your bodies capacity to handle mental, physical and emotional stress. I have been personally using adaptogens for years and felt big benefits.

I have fallen in love with putting the Sex Dust, Brain Dust or Spirit Dust in my morning coffee. Which I choose depends on my mood. Each creates a different kind of high turn on for me.

I also like to add in scoop of their Collagen for the skin and hair and more benefits.

Recently I have started adding taking their Super You supplement, in the morning, too.  Stressful times and hormonal imbalance are not my friends and these products have been so the more the merrier 🙂

Sex Dust is just one of my Favorites!


Sex Dust® is an adaptogenic blend of lusty superherbs (Cacao, Shilajit, Shatavari, Epimedium, Maca & Schizandra) that help combat the effects of stress (regulate cortisol) to ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom.*

Contains ingredients with proven benefits:

Supports the body during stress*

Helps the body increase resistance to fatigue while providing energy, vitality, and  well-being*

Helps combat non-specific loss of vigor associated with aging*

Used since ancient times to support reproductive health*

Stress stimulates our essential functions for survival (like narrowed attention), and decreases non-essential ones, (like interest in sex and being happy). Too much of the stress hormone cortisol can lower libido and throw your moods out of whack. 

I think you’d love Moon Juice, they have clean supplements, skin care, adaptogens, and food.

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Cure Hydration

In the bedroom and out, always replenish your body. Cure offers an easy, natural, refreshing and great tasting option for.

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Soji Crystal Bottles contain pure natural crystals. These beautiful stones when combined with water produce an elixir that encourages rejuvenation & clarification of both the body and mind. Introduce purification and positivity into your everyday routine with Soji.

I have this Amethyst bottle,

I love it so much! The crystal is directly in it, so you get the benefits of the stone more readily absorbed. Amethyst is known for Peace and Energy, and so much more.

I also have the Citrine, for Abundance and Mindfulness.

Check out the Soji website and the Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Citrine Quartz and Black Obsidian bottles!



Athletic Greens

Formulated for high performance everybodies.

Benefits of Daily Use

AG1 has been a game changer for me! It’s an all in one daily drink with 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients with prebiotics and probiotics to enhance nutrient absorption. I think of it as nutritional insurance.

I have been on many types of green drinks in the past couple decades and the taste of this one being milder and a little sweet really works for me.

Here’s 5 free travel packs for you 🙂

Check Out Athletic Greens Here!


Oakworks Massage Tables

One of the best sex toys you can own!

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This is The One I recommend…

B12 Vitamin Vape

I absolutely LOVE Vaping B12! It boosts my overall energy & libido!

Each vaporizer contains 100’s of puffs of natural energy with no caffeine, no sugar crash, no calories and no nicotine.

Going to get B12 shots can cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention the pain and inconvenience. Each vaporizer contains 10 times the amount of B12 you’d find in a shot.

B12 plays a key role in healthy nerve function.

B12 plays a key role in cell health and DNA creation.

Low B12 levels can cause fatigue.

Studies have shown that inhaling B12 can be 100’s of times more effectively absorbed than pills.

Each vaporizer contains 10 times the amount of B12 you’d find in a shot.

Unlike other vapor products, VitaminVape contains NO nicotine, NO PG, and NO diacetyl.

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*Thank you for purchasing recommended products through this website, as I do receive compensation for as an affiliate. I have tested most of these products personally, and highly recommend them to you because they have benefited me, and/or my trusted colleagues and clients.*

*I'm not a doctor. I, or Sacred Temple Arts, shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, any of the recommended products. Such products are used at purchasers own discretion. I do not hold any liability for damages or harm made by any recommended products. I am not a medical professional and none of the products treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. If you have any medical conditions, or have any questions please consult with a professional licensed doctor or physician before use of any of these products. Results will vary based on each individual and how they choose to use the product.*

*The statements made regarding these products or services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.*


"I am getting so much from your videos!  They are wonderful.  I have been spent the last 2 years searching material from several lightworkers and none ever spoke to me like yours."

"Watched all of the rest of your fellatio videos tonite and shared much with my lover. This is having magnificent results on my confidence and reducing inhibition levels."

*For my latest 2022 video introduction to the Erotic Blueprints™ & Sacred Temple Arts in general, click here*