“So playful, fun and informative!”

“Sacha is the Master Of Juicy Bits!

“The Orgasm Fairy!”

“I’m having the most orgasms and quality sexual experiences in my life since our first call!”

Deep Gratitude and Many Thanks!

To all the clients and event attendees who have shared their feedback with me!

Please note that due to the private nature of  sessions, and my utmost respect for clients and their confidentiality, all names and identifying information are withheld from testimonials.

Any reference in testimonials to male or female was chosen by the clients. I welcome all genders, sexual orientations, relationships and lifestyles, and my business tends to attract mostly cis gendered men and women.

*Testimonials are always welcome to be received and special heartfelt thanks to those whom have contributed!

Here’s what just some clients have shared…

To Goddess Sacha: I just want you to know how much you have contributed to my amazing life.  Your steady feedback is so valued and my life could have become so dreary without your presence.  I have changed so dramatically since our first meeting!  I am doing erotic meditations for sometimes 2 hours a day that are truly life saving in my current situation.  You always listen without judgement which is such a rare quality.  You are always present when I want to express all the emotions around my wife and her extended care. Although I have always been multi-orgasmic, my climaxes now stairstep sometimes at one each minute!  I am also experiencing great sensations with my self pleasure practices that have never before happened in my lifetime!  All with your input and support.

Male Client


Sacha helped me tremendously through my divorce and in my recovery from a toxic marriage. Feeling pleasure. Feeling my body. It was huge and so new to me. She opened my eyes to a much better world. For sure. Exploring new horizons was so helpful to me. I enjoyed every session we had too. Thank you. It was such a good feeling during my sessions I had.

Male Client


Thank you. I hardly have words. The deep painful sense of darkness is absent for the first time in ages. My skin feels so happy and soft-not constricting-like it is breathing freely in the air-one with the world. I feel a deep sense of relaxation, that is rare for me. My muscles aren’t all rigid and tight. Inside I feel so loved, so accepted. Like I’ve been waiting all my life for this love and acceptance-healing the woman in me by seeing me, accepting me. If one session can heal like that, I can’t wait to see where it can go.

Female Client

early 50's

I can’t thank you enough for our session.  It was very liberating and extremely informative.  I can’t wait to share the news with my wife when she returns!  You are so skilled in your ability to deliver the concepts and your passion is evident.  I left wanting to know so much more.  Thank you again! 

Male client, early 40's

My first session with Sacha was almost 3 years ago and I have been a convert ever since! When you meet Sacha you will understand why, as she just exudes love and caring for all. She will work with you using various healing arts but each session is catered just for you. Her goal is to help you to heal yourself and through her energy work and Tantra coaching will do just that. Her integrity and professionalism are beyond reproach. I have shared many things about myself with Sacha and have grown and healed so much by placing my faith in her

Female Client


Sacha has provided a unique, eclectic combination of healing and coaching that has led to profound positive transformation in just a couple of sessions. Her warm and playful personality, along with a comfortable, judgment-free setting, creates an ideal atmosphere for growth and development. Instead of simply applying a single modality to yield cooker cutter results, Sacha utilizes a variety of techniques and draws upon a wide breadth of knowledge to customize the sessions to meet specific, personal goals. Her intuitive coaching has led to a dramatic acceleration of my personal development, a greater capacity for intimacy and pleasure, and a growing sense of ease with both myself and the world around me. Sacha’s skill with body and energy work is truly extraordinary. I’ve had energy work from a variety of practitioners in the past, but was always left with a number of stubborn energy blocks. In just a single session, Sacha cleared every block, instilling greater clarity and dramatically increased my sensitivity to energy. If you seek to improve your relationships, increase your capacity for intimacy and pleasure, clear energy blocks, expand your consciousness or are simply looking for spiritual guidance, then I highly recommend the Sacred Temple Arts

Male Client


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am amazed at how much better I feel. The talking sure helped but also the energy flow was amazing. I tend to connect quickly with people but I was surprised at how easy it was to connect with you. I’ll give you the credit for that It is a wonderful environment you create so thank you again.

Female Client


I appreciate so much that you tailored your classes to suit my needs. Your spiritual guidance, coaching, and psychoanalysis have helped lead to tremendous positive transformation. I now have a genuine sense of self-worth, am happy with the nature and pace of my development and have begun to develop a sadhana that aligns well with my goals and objectives. You have my sincere gratitude.

Male Client


My time at STA has been amazing. From the warm greeting by Sacha to the comfortable workspace, STA is a great place. I have just started and have already felt an improvement in my energy levels, my awareness, and my overall attitude about body and energy work. Even after my first session, I felt more awake and alive. With each visit, I have this profound improvement and I can’t wait for my following session.

Male Client


Sacha is smart, savvy, and sexy. She’s a great listener who knows how to help her clients embrace and enjoy their sexuality. I recommend her highly.

Male Client


Sacha is a diverse healer with knowledge of a wide variety of healing arts. During our session, Sacha was able to hold space and help me experience energy on a level I rarely get to experience. Sacha’s loving and focused touch left me feeling reinvigorated and recharged. Thank you for a wonderful session.

Male Client


I first met Sacha to talk about my frustrated sex life and what I could do to merge my yoga practice with my excitable sexual self. Most of the yoga teachings don’t talk about sex as a healthy activity, and nor do any of the western religions. Sacha helped me understand that I was a victim of all the delusions and propaganda that forwards taboos, shame and guilt around sexual energy. The result is a lot of fear around fundamental life energy in the sex drive. Also, a lot of fear is generated around the judgement of mainstream society about sexual practices. I talked to Sacha about the branch of Tantra that focuses on integrating the sexual practice into spiritual practice. Then it was all about me shedding the fear of being judged by other people. My 25-year marriage had been at an impasse, with my wife and I having lost our connection and intimacy. Sacha helped me confront my wife with communicating my sexual needs. This lead to a crisis in our marriage that resulted in both my wife and I working with Sacha. After a year of working together, my wife and I are rediscovering our sex life and more. We are exploring the Tantric rituals of giving and receiving pleasure and connection. Sacha has been such a courageous guide in helping us save our marriage. Sacha provides help in a very safe and supportive environment, and in ways that are unique to addressing the myths, delusions and fear around sex. Sacha applies very practical skills she has learned from both ancient eastern and western new age spirituality towards sexual healing. I am eternally grateful for her help.

Male Client


I have been in other therapy modalities on my own and with my husband. This work that Sacha Fossa is doing helps me the greatest, with my husband, family, and friends. I have gained personal insight to know my areas of needed change by working intimately with Sacha both on a personal level and a professional one. Sacha is very smart, fun, dynamic, honest, clear, loving and most of all generous with her time and knowledge! She loves her work and wants to share it with the world. I recommend Sacha and Sacred Temple Arts to all who want to fall in love with themselves and life all over again.

Female Client


My wife and I have had several sessions locally with Sacha of Sacred Temple Arts. I have found her to be a grounded and compassionate teacher. Her advice and guidance on the subjects of intimacy and arousal have heightened the sexual experiences that my wife and I have had. I highly recommend her.



The work that my partner and I did with Sacha over Skype was illuminating! While we were already in a good place with our relationship, she helped us to understand how to become better connected and more intimate. I felt that she gathered some good information from us about where we were, and where we wanted to go with the therapy. She made the sessions comfortable and fun, while helping us to become clearer on the intricacies of the Sacred Arts. The exercises she provided were easy to follow and effective. I definitely recommend checking it (Sacred Temple Arts) out!



Thank you so much for sharing with us! We keep saying to one another, what a great idea it was, what a special time for us. You (Sacha) are magical! Your knowledge, passion, insight…is so inspiring. Thank you for that! And…sooner than later, we would like to purchase the toys you showed us. We love the tips you gave us, your intuition for what we needed was perfect. To take some GrownUp times outs, and TuneIn to one another, daily, if only for Ten Minutes. We are excited to implement these and see how it improves our (my) anxiety, stresses, and communication.



Praise for Sacha’s events and classes…


I can’t speak more highly of any teacher out in the field who has such a wealth of information & support to offer to her clients! 😍 If you are ready to embrace and explore that side of you who feels beautiful, powerful, and feminine… look no further than Sacha Fossa. 😘 I have received SO MUCH wisdom from this incredible teacher, and I personally suggest her as a HIGHLY qualified and ethical professional who can truly transform lives and help others to embody their authentic selves. I definitely encourage others to take advantage of her AWESOME  sessions, programs and classes! If you’re reading this, know that YOU DESERVE to experience your Goddess-Self here and NOW. …And here is your sign to reach out to Sacha to give yourself the LOVE that you are truly worthy of! 👏🎉🌺💃🙌

Kerri Morrison

Lmhc, https://www.awakenhcs.com

Thank you so much for the wonderful gathering and all of the super helpful info. I had such a lovely time and it was so enlightening and inspiring. We definitely hope to arrange more workshops in the future as I know that our members would LOVE them. And for me personally, I would love to schedule a healing session.

Female Attendee, 41

Evening Talk with Greater Newburyport Families Club, February 2018

Thank you for a very enjoyable evening! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I left feeling invigorated and excited. As soon as I got home, I took the Erotic Blueprint quiz and coaxed my husband into taking it too (it didn’t take much convincing) – we’re the same type! So interesting. Anyway, a few of the things you talked about really resonated with me:

  • We need more pleasure every day. You’re so right! Life is short and it’s easy, as women, to put everyone’s needs before ours but, as you said, mom’s pleasure has a trickle-down effect.
  • On kids hearing us having sex. I’ll admit, my husband and I have been somewhat lax about this, but I love the way you framed it. This is an opportunity to normalize a healthy, sexual relationship from an early age.
  • Harmonizing pose. I’m not generally much of a cuddler, but this intrigued me. My husband was happy to test it out and we both agreed that we need to make for time for this on the regular!

I appreciate your wisdom in this and have been happily chatting about it to other moms and family members. Thank you again for creating a safe, warm, and welcoming environment! You can be sure I’ll be in attendance at the next event!” –

Female Attendee, 35

Evening Talk with Greater Newburyport Families Club, February 2018

We have had some time for our “home play,” but finally have the time to get more into it this weekend. I can’t wait to put everything we learned into practice. When we did play, I felt way more connected to myself overall, but also more connected with my partner. It was actually pretty profound and powerful! I can’t wait to expand on it!! I truly loved the workshop. This is an area I need some major healing and have a bunch of work to do. I feel that because of your workshop, and all the tools you gave us, I will now be able to move through the muck and get to the pleasure. I feel safe with you as a teacher and it allows me now to go on and feel safe with myself as a sexual being!! You are a wonderful teacher, and it is clear you are doing what you are meant to do!!!

Female Attendee, 35

Tantric Intimacy Class: Floating Lotus, Gloucester, MA, January 2015

I attended a presentation that Sacha offered in her home, on female sexual arousal and desire, along with at least a dozen other women.  She created a beautiful, sacred space that welcomed us in and set a safe container for her teachings. I was inspired and moved by her command of the material, the visual aids, and the easy, playful, joyful manner with which she imparted the information. I learned way more than I ever imagined, connected with many wonderful women and had so much fun in the process. I have known Sacha for many years, and have been impressed by her growth through her studies.  She is living her passion for sacred sexuality with integrity, power, and grace.  She is a strong, dynamic woman, and is bringing much benefit and healing into the world through her work.

Amy, holistic practitioner, herbalist, sacred song facilitator

Evening Class On Female Pleasure & Arousal For Women at Sacred Temple Arts, 2014

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