Empowering Your Erotic Persona’s, & Boudoir!

Paths To Your Erotic Liberation!

What hidden aspects of your erotic self would like to come out to play?

As part of Jaiya’s Erotic Freedom Club and Erotic Blueprint Course, I learned about the potency of discovering our Erotic Persona’s, and this body of “parts” work that can also


Here is what Jaiya says about…

“What are you hiding in there?

What parts of your sexual expression and your erotic fantasies are going unlived?
There are many reasons you might not let your erotic freak flag fly in our society.
Slut shaming, man bashing, fear of ruffling people’s feathers and becoming too much. Fear of abandonment if you show people who you really are!
There are many reasons you may have buried pieces of your erotic exploration and expression?
Being a good girl or good boy
Have you lost pieces of yourself?
One thing I’ve done to reclaim my lost or buried pieces is a process I developed called Empowered Erotic Persona Work.
This is a process of uncovering these buried or hidden parts, finding them in my body, and coaxing them to come out and play.
Every one of the Personas shown in the photo above is a different piece of me.

Lilinara – who shamelessly desires to be lavished with gold offerings just for looking at her
Feathered Pet – Wild but tamed as long as you’ve got her on a leash
Shy Reluctant – tentative, vulnerable, submissive and mysterious
Wickedly Kinky Mistress – loves to toy with you
The Gorgeous Goddess – a lover of sensuality and indulgent in the pleasures of this world
Icy Queen – your worthless to her, outside of services you can provide
And currently, I’m moving through another layer of self-judgment and manifesting my shameless slut named Puddles.

What is an Erotic Persona?

Many of us have had many experiences where our sexual exploration was shut down by being shamed: caught self-pleasuring; playing with the girl or boy next door; witnessing “taboo” sex and confused by our own arousal because whatever we witnessed or however we were approached or abused sexually was not supposed to create arousal. Yet it did.
In this confusion, pieces of ourselves can split off, go underground in our bodies. These parts can manifest in recurring fantasies, buried desires, and even neurotic or unhealthy behaviors.
Empowered Erotic Persona work, at it’s most powerful, is about bringing these pieces to consciousness, unlocking them within our bodies, so we can take ownership of them. We can then consciously cultivate and express these energies in playful and healthy ways in our sex lives.
Like my Personas, many of our clients whom we lead through this process discover their super slut, powerful Doms or Dominatrixes, surrendered objects of desire, gods, and goddesses, oh so many Personas hiding in there.
In developing a Persona, we learn how they think, what they desire, how they walk and talk, what clothing and music they love and how they behave with others.
Done inside of a conscious container of consent, we can come alive in our sexuality in new and nourishing ways. We’re empowered to invite our lovers to play with us in inventive ways and our partners get to know us in our full expression.
Being seen and accepted fully for who we are is one of the most powerful experiences life has to offer.
It can be very, very edgy territory.
There are ways to explore these Personas and introduce them into the world in a way that doesn’t freak out your own nervous system and terrify your lover, who’s come to know you as a certain type of person.
The first question to begin to ask is,
“How would I be sexual, if I hadn’t been conditioned a certain way?”
Hearing an honest answer to that question from yourself can be a scary thing.
Don’t judge the answer. Listen and pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and body sensations. Take note, like a scientist observing an alien species.
It’s all information.

What’s the value in Persona Work?

The unexpressed life is the unlived life.
Uncovering these pieces of your own eroticism and desire doesn’t mean you have to dive into a life of lusty abandon, though it might if that’s a piece of who you truly are.
What it does mean is allowing yourself to acknowledge all of yourself, honor every piece of you without judgment.
Your Personas can empower you to take actions to explore sexuality that you may have dismissed, judged, feared or thought too taboo.
And there’s never a dull moment in the bedroom because you can bring out many faces of your eroticism, keep your partner or partners ever interested in the variety your personas can provide.
The methods to fully fleshing out an Empowered Erotic Persona are too intricate to reveal in one Blog Post.
We have been leading the members of our Erotic Freedom Club through the Persona process, and miraculous and beautiful things are emerging for so many of them.
How amazing would it feel to free yourself; to explore and expand into your true sexual self?
How amazing would it be to have a process to experience these parts of you safely?”

After taking Jaiya’s class, I have been working deeply with my own discovery of Erotic Persona’s. This work is invaluable, deep and so very evocative. 

I am offering an introduction to Jaiya’s Erotic Persona work in a session (in person or virtual) that will lead you inwards to uncovering one of your Persona’s that would like it’s debut first. We will use some meditative technique to uncover some shadow aspects that are ready for healing, and choose one particular Persona, and then we will begin to learn all about them.


Introduction To Erotic Persona’s Session 1.5 hour 


In Person:  

Individual: $200          Couples $250


Individual $150          Couples $200

Once you have completed this session, and have begun cultivating your Erotic Persona for your homeplay, you will then have the option of scheduling an…


Erotic Persona Boudoir Photo Shoot!

We will collaboratively create all the elements for, and work on what your Persona will need for you to bring along, to your personalized private shoot with

Julie Surette Photography!

Location will be determined, and she does have a bedroom studio at this women’s co-working space in downtown Newburyport, MA

I will be there as your coach and cheerleader to help guide the shoot to unleash and best highlight the theme of your Erotic Persona.

The Shoot is 3 hours and one full ‘scene’ (wardrobe look, hair/makeup look and location)


Individual: $750

*Booking of the hair/makeup artist available on location is additional. Prices vary depending on the elaborateness of your persona’s look*

*We additionally offer Gift Certificates for this Erotic Persona Boudoir Package!*

Payments accepted via PayPal, or by personal check which must clear prior to the first session.

Sacred Temple Arts Cancellation Policy for all sessions and programs:
Clients will generally be charged for half of the price of the session if it is cancelled within the 48 hour period. Depending on the session or program, they may be asked for a deposit to hold a session or program date(s).

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