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“We have had some time for our “home play,” but finally have the time to get more into it this weekend 😉 I can’t wait to put everything we learned into practice. When we did play, I felt way more connected to myself overall, but also more connected with my partner. It was actually pretty profound and powerful! I can’t wait to expand on it!! I truly loved the workshop. This is an area I need some major healing and have a bunch of work to do. I feel that because of your workshop, and all the tools you gave us, I will now be able to move through the muck and get to the pleasure. I feel safe with you as a teacher and it allows me now to go on and feel safe with myself as a sexual being!! You are a wonderful teacher, and it is clear you are doing what you are meant to do!!!”

-Student response from Tantric Intimacy Class

Valentine’s Day Tantra Workshop at Sacred Temple Arts

Valentine’s Day Tantra Workshop at Sacred Temple Arts

Saturday February 13th, 1-4pm, at Sacred Temple Arts! Make This Valentine's Day Your Best Ever: Learn Modern Tantra that you can apply immediately for better results in and out of the bedroom! Experience an introduction to modern tantric techniques and practices for...

Awaken & Master Your Energy Workshop

Awaken & Master Your Energy Workshop

  SACRED TEMPLE ARTS Presents Awaken & Master Your Energy: Discover the Keys to More Health & Vitality! In this workshop you will learn how to: Ground your energy so that you feel centered in your body and more confident. Clear unwanted energy from your...

“I attended a presentation that Sacha offered in her home, on female sexual arousal and desire, along with at least a dozen other women.  She created a beautiful, sacred space that welcomed us in and set a safe container for her teachings. I was inspired and moved by her command of the material, the visual aides, and the easy, playful, joyful manner with which she imparted the information. I learned way more than I ever imagined, connected with many wonderful women and had so much fun in the process.

I have known Sacha for many years, and have been impressed by her growth through her studies.  She is living her passion about sacred sexuality with integrity, power and grace.  She is a strong, dynamic woman, and will bring much benefit and healing into the world through her work.”

“Times they sure have a changed. I recently attended a very informational and eye opening presentation on female sexuality. The edification caused me to wonder why in the world this isn’t taught more often in our societies, which then lead to a tremendous feeling of gratitude. How awesome that I live in these times of radical change. Changes that will, hopefully transform our society into a more peaceful one from within. I thought back to a time when my grandmother (born just after the turn of the century) shared her first sexual experience with me.  Not a clue did she have about the inner workings of her own body….let alone her new husband’s. During her first sexual encounter, which in my mind could have been an ecstatic and bonding experience, she was horrified instead. The thought running through her mind was “oh my God he’s peeing all over me”! What a difference having the knowledge that was shared with us by Sacha in safety and comfort, could have made in my grandmother’s life. In my earlier days I remember touting, make love NOT war. Be fulfilled with what you have, my spiritual teachings re-enforce. I am happy to say I see hope for the future because of the clear and beautiful teachings I partook of during Sacha’s mini seminar and look forward to more!”