Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Program Juicy Details

As part of the 8 module Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Program, the following is the outline of the deliciously deep and expansive journey to exquisite new levels of your sexual health, vibrancy and relationships this course provides.

In addition to the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ video modules of Jaiya’s (continuously sold out) course, you get one-on-one(or two) coaching sessions with me taking you (two) through these modules with the special attention and care for accelerated embodied learning.

And you get even more epic bonuses as described below!

This is a course for those who are ready for massive new learning and experiential practices that will last a lifetime, solo and partnered.

It is for the beginner who is ready to open and explore their sexuality in new and exciting ways that work for them, as well as for the advanced lover with an already hot sex life.

My personal experience with this course is that it was one of the very best I’ve ever taken for my erotic healing and expansion.

Here is the breakdown on how the course is essentially structured module to module, to provide the greatest breakthroughs for you, and your partner(s).

Module 1: Orgasmic Orientation

In your orientation session, I will learn more about your goals and intentions, and, I will introduce you to the rest of our sessions.

This session will help you to:
• Connect more deeply with your partner (if you have one) and yourself
• Practice communicating with empathy
• Understand what you will learn and the best ways to take action
• Have foresight about what might come up while taking this course and how best to overcome these challenges
• Set the foundation for success and engagement
• Create healthy habits that help you win

Module 2: Core Erotic Blueprints

Discover the 5 sexuality stages, 5 erotic types, and 4 fundamental areas that could enhance (or destroy) your sexual health and pleasure. All these elements make up your Core Erotic Blueprint™.

In this session you will:
• Begin to map out your own Core Erotic Blueprint™ (CEB)
• Take a deeper dive into the Blueprint Types™ and how they are affected by other aspects of your CEB
• Learn more about your sexuality, so that you can own it and reach higher levels of satisfaction
• See where you need to focus your energies to attain greater levels of erotic expansion
• Gain empathy and understanding for other people’s sexual pleasure map, finding deeper connection and intimate awareness.

Module 3: Deliciously Determining Blueprints

Practice touch games, listening skills and other methods for determining your own or someone else’s Blueprint Type in the course of an evening!

This session will teach you to:
• Touch exercises for determining your own Blueprint Type
• Playful games for determining someone else’s Blueprint Type
• How to troubleshoot so you can overcome confusion and be a better erotic detective
• Ways to interview and observe others so that you can determine what erotic techniques would turn them on the most
• Introductory techniques that turn on each Blueprint Types

Module 4: Frequently Feeding The Blueprints

Imagine being touched exactly how you’ve always wanted and reaching new heights of satisfaction both inside and outside the bedroom!

In this session you experience:
• Live demonstrations of sexual play for each Blueprint Type™
• Flirtation and seduction techniques
• Self-exploration that helps you turn your own body on (no partner needed)
• A greater ability to articulate your turn-ons and turn-offs
• Confidence that you can touch your partner in a way that will satisfy them like never before
• Testing your erotic map for accuracy – really knowing your Blueprint

Module 5: Seductively Speaking The Blueprints

Cultivate the skills to confidently say the most arousing words both inside and outside the bedroom and use congruent body language, destined to turn up the crave

This session will help you to:
• Feel inspired to speak for turn-on and avoid using the wrong words at the wrong time
• Play games to uncover the hottest words for your own or a lover’s Blueprint Type™
• Be able to confidently text, email or whisper the right phrases to make someone hungry for you
• Clearly articulate what you like when it comes to sexy words
• Communicate with more than just words – body language can speak volumes

Module 6: Holistically Healing Blueprints

Open to more pleasure and more connection by healing the shadow side of your Blueprint Type.

In this session you’ll:
• Begin to heal the shadow side of your Erotic Blueprint
• Identify your sexual blocks and shadows
• Become a sexual health detective to find the roots of these issues, not just the symptoms so you can create deep erotic freedom
• Take action steps to overcome the physical, emotional, biochemical or energetic obstacles that are holding you back
• See how to turn your biggest obstacles into pathways for pleasure

Module 7: Expanding The Blueprints

In this session you will:
• Find turn-on in a new Blueprint and feed, speak, and heal that Blueprint with confidence (good for your lover and for yourself)
• Increase your lover’s satisfaction by developing their Blueprint
• Learn Exercises for expanding into each Blueprint
• Understand how to have easier access to orgasm, orgasmic states, and super-power skills
• Have multiple pathways to turn on and higher states of arousal
• Get on the pathway to Erotic Mastery

Module 8: Hot Sex For A Lifetime

You know you want to have a thriving, hot sexuality for the rest of your life, full of ravishment, connection and crave. This week we share the plan to get you there.

This session will give you:
• Tips and tools for staying engaged on the journey to Erotic Mastery
• The Master Plan for couples to create hot sex for a lifetime
• The Pleasure Pathway for singles to have an empowered sexual journey
• Seeing where you still might be stuck and how to breakthrough in those areas

An opportunity to celebrate all of your accomplishments in our work together!

Erotic Freedom Club!

The Erotic Freedom Club is a community of individuals committed to an ongoing exploration of their eroticism. I’ve never experienced any place as loving, safe and supportive to this cause. I am constantly inspired by the vulnerability, intimacy, and courage shared in EFC.

Read more here about how this is the place where you can be you.

Read more here about 5 ways erotic communities can shape your life

Being part of this club, in and of itself, gives you access to a whole new world of sexuality expansion, and a limitless amount of resources in terms of courses and videos directly from Jaiya (and Ian).

In Erotic Freedom Club you’ll receive:
Skilled mentorship to deepen and accelerate your growth
Pleasure practices, skills and strategies for total sexual fulfillment
A place to be vulnerable, raw and real with your sexuality
Courage to push the edge of your own desire
Incredible brainstorms on how to take your pleasure to the next level
Ideas and classes in/for…

Adventure Dates, Sex Life Practices, Sexy Sex Labs™, & Sex Life Challenges!

Adventure Dates: A system designed to bring back the passion, adventure and FUN to your sex and love life. Read more here

Sex, Health and Abundance Manifestation Practices: Engage in these powerful and empowering rituals to generate and actualize more of what you desire.

Sex Cultivation Practices: From ancient sex rituals to modern hacks scientifically proven to decrease stress, increase brain function, turn on hormonal juices and increase longevity. Pure juicy indulgence!

Sexy Sex Labs™: a unique practice that takes the guesswork out of arousal and sexual satisfaction, helping you move past fear, confusion, criticism, and resentment to discover your own, and your partner’s, true turn ons.

Sex Life Challenges: are a huge needle mover for your sex life. They are concentrated periods of time where you prioritize practicing something designed to get you connected or to expand your sexual awareness and desires. They keep things smoking hot and passionate.

These Are Monthly Benefits of being an Erotic Freedom Club Member
(Included in your Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Package)! And you get these, too…

Pleasure Mastery (Group) Coaching Calls

Get direct access to (world renowned Sexologist) Jaiya on this intimate group call and receive:

One-on-one coaching from Jaiya and/or her partner Ian or other coaches.
Specific tools and strategies for sex life satisfaction
Personalized feedback to blow past blocks
Sex life practices for erotic expansion
Communication training to get your needs met
Hot ideas for sexy games and practices to heat things up in the bedroom
Jaiya’s 20 years of erotic expertise is made available to you for being a member of the club.

Erotic Freedom Club was a monthly membership group with tuition at $69.

*Now it is completely free FOR YOUR LIFETIME as part of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough course!  

How does it get any better and hotter than that?


 Get These Common Problems Addressed:
Dissatisfaction – Not knowing how to get satisfaction for yourself or how to make your partner happy.
Infrequent Sexual Connection – Are you caught in scarcity, never knowing when you’ll have sex again?
Performance Anxiety – Being so caught up in your head that you can’t find arousal or enjoyment of sexual encounters.
Fear: of failure, of pain, of losing the person you love…fear that you won’t get an erection… fear you’ll climax too soon or not at all…
Frustration that your sexual and emotional needs are not being met
Trying to communicate only to learn that you weren’t speaking the same language
Worry that nothing will work and you’ll find out about a secret affair, end up either as roommates, or
in a divorce

And MORE, So much MORE!…

Are you ready for your Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough?

Isn’t it time to…
Fully feel all the pleasure your body has to offer
Practice an erotic language that helps you get your sexual desires fed and fulfilled
Celebrate with a community that gets you and tells you, “You can be fully you! and will be loved and accepted as you!”
Don’t miss this chance to be part of an authentic sexual (r)evolution!!!

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