How Would You Like To Receive…  

Tons of Orgasmic,

High Grade Potent (Sexual) Energy!

You Can Receive Transmissions Daily!

With My

Orgasmic Membership Club!

Before you think I am crazy, hear me out and try it out! 🙂

As an embodied Goddess, a Priestess who has trained in and practices meditation, breath work, rituals, and all forms of Healing Arts, I’m also a master energy healer (Reiki and more), psychic, and of course Tantric and Erotic Arts Practitioner. And I’ve been practicing Sex Magic regularly for over a decade.

I can contribute from my body and energy to your body and energy, no matter the physical distance between! It’s natural and effortless for me! 

I would like to contribute to your sexual health and wellbeing!

This means increasing your innate sexual energy and aliveness!

Wherever you are, this is a way to anonymously receive energy transfusions to immediately give you daily boosts. 

I am part of programs to constantly upgrade my energy daily, in a variety of ways. I’ve often chosen to invest in distance energy programs that provided me daily doses of some type of positive healing vibes that I knew my body wanted.

I’ve got more than enough- actually I have limitless- sexual energy! So way more than enough to go around!

Would energy transmissions from a highly orgasmically fueled conscious caring Being like me be a contribution to you?

Ask your body! If YES…

Let Me Flow To You The Energy Your Body Is Ready And Willing To Receive! 

30 Days of Remote Orgasmic Energy Transmissions For Your Healing, Rebooting, & Transformation!

You Don’t Have To Do Anything – SIMPLY RECEIVE. You don’t have to show up in any way, just let me tap into you each day and provide this powerful support.

 Allow me to support your energetic system with this contribution of a 30-day momentum to take you to new states of awareness and increases in your (sexual) energy! 

EVERY SINGLE DAY I will be supporting you with high voltage transformational frequencies!


You DON’T have to attend anything.

You DON’T even have to think about it. Unless you want to! 😉

I will be sending  each day remotely, in the background, as you go about your day. I will not be emailing you daily about.

You are welcome to email me questions and/or experiences, testimonials, at anytime during the 30 days.

Imagine who you might be after receiving 30 days of my potent ecstatic energy transmissions every day!

These energetic transmissions will be calibrated to contribute to your body the way your body desires to receive them.

They will be only activations of what your body is willing and wants to receive and respond to/with.

When I say body, I am referring here to your physical body plus all your energetic bodies.

Yes, it may sound all very woo-woo, but science is catching up to everything being energy and how energy is directed and transmitted from the molecules of water, through meditation, healing and so much more.

Why not receive pleasure filled abundant energy daily with zero effort?

Receive advanced levels of energy from a master energy and erotic arts practitioner, without having to lift a finger?

You don’t have to show up for anything, there is no class, nothing to attend…

I just work on you every day offering quantum energy support.

This is not an average experience, and it’s not akin to typical prayer circles, and other distance energy work.

I will be asking my body to contribute whatever your body needs to contribute to you!

I will be directly pulling and moving energy through your body in the ways it wants to experience. 

I will be clearing entities that you would be better off not having attached, around, or influencing your body.

I will be supporting energetically in (sexual) awakening, healing, and embodiment of the magic and true essence of who you BE, sexually and otherwise!

These transmissions will contribute to your overall confidence, vitality, and stamina.

They could be the needle-mover to something new emerging in your body and life, sexually and otherwise!

All you have to do is allow, and notice in your body, and discover what else is possible for you while receiving these playful and joyful energies!

Your innate life-force/sexual energy, your creative energy, will naturally and easily get activated and rebooted in this process!

You will simply start feeling better! And lighter!

As Part Of These Energetic Meditative Transmissions

Each Day You Will Receive One, More, Or Many Of These:

Orgasmic Energy, Sexual Energy, Climaxes, Multiple Orgasms, Every Type Of Orgasm, Amrita (Female Ejaculation), Sex Magic, Tantric Energy Practices, Nature Rituals & MORE! OH MY!

I’m a Shapeshifter Erotic Blueprint™ (find out more about here) which means I am endlessly creative and always wanting more sexually, in all the ways to play sexually: Energetically, Sensually, Sexually, & Kinky! So you will get all kinds of variety in each experience sent your way!  WOO HOO!

I am also a being who has to be in her own flow and timeline, so you are guaranteed a powerful transmission sent everyday your way, and it will not be at a scheduled time or amount of time. Sometimes I am in a quick and direct mode, other times hours of passionate play and energy raising, and everything in between is possible. Most transmissions will be in my solo play, others maybe generated in partnered play.

How Does It Get Any Better Than That?

This is where my body can freely contribute in orgasmic energy waves and transmissions, without any intention, agenda, or personalization.  

Energy coming your way for your body to receive and do with as it pleases.

Your body will know exactly what to do with the energy!

 30 Day DAILY Remote Sexual Energy Healing Transmissions

**NOW Only $69

The minute you enroll, and then for 30 Days, you will have ME in your corner, remotely sending you contributory orgasmic energy.  

For only $2.30 a day!!!!!

This Orgasmic Membership program is completely confidential and to join you simply:

1. Send an email to with either your first name and last initial or a pseudonym.

2.  Find out options for your $69 payment

*After the first month, you can choose to continue with your Orgasmic Membership for only $33/month pre-paid with a 6 month commitment.*

What is possible with sexual energy meditation infusions daily?

Sign up now to find out!

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…for a fun article that explains more about orgasmic energy, sexual transmutation and more!

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*She does not diagnose, treat or prescribe. She simply may recommend products. She also moves and balances energy, consensually, that can result in increased awareness and wellness, with shifts in consciousness and timelines, in order to facilitate positive changes and evolution. ​

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