I love to cuddle. I am really good at it, and I enjoy offering it. It helps people. Our society is healthy touch-deprived! I love providing this service in a legitimate way. Being a natural healer, energy and bodyworker, when I cuddle someone, they receive energy and possibly even healing, too.

I may include safe consensual tantric touch practices and exercises, that are akin to cuddling in some respects. I may have you lay on the massage table (all sessions are clothing on!), or on the floor on a massage mat. I may lay next to you, and move my body up close to yours, so we are touching, and run energy into your chakras. That’s a Tantra practice called Harmonization (a Source Tantra technique) that I teach.

Cuddling is healing, nurturing, and needed. A daily diet of safe consensual healthy touch is something most people are lacking in their lives. Cuddling sessions are not, in this case, a cover-up for any sexual services. As is clearly indicated throughout this website, I do NOT offer any sexual services including tantric and/or sensual massage.

Cuddling parameters and codes of conduct:

  • Parameters for both the clients and the practitioners of all sessions are clearly defined by contracts ahead of time, to clarify what is being offered and what is not.
  • A wide range of activities may be allowed, such as in addition to cuddling: some light massage on the face, neck, shoulders, head, back, or feet, head stroking, rocking, spooning, and/or hand-holding. ASMR practices perhaps could be included.
  • Anything that is illegal and/or sexual is not allowed or tolerated. No nudity is permitted. This service is a platonic, non-sexual service. Both clients and practitioners agree to not pursue or encourage sexual arousal. This means No hand to genital contact, or intentional genital stimulation of any kind, obviously.
  • Recommended clothing is comfortable, and not revealing. Body language friendly, but not erotic.
  • Client and practitioner communicate to find what is mutually comfortable throughout each session. This applies to all communication prior to and after sessions as well.
  • Client and practitioner both agree to practice consent and attention to personal boundaries at all times.
  • Any conversation should not contain or illicit sexual themes or subjects.
  • Either party may end the session at any time.
  • Client agrees to fully disclose any diagnoses or conditions that may affect their session to the practitioner.
  • Both parties agree to respect personal hygiene.


Cuddling has some pretty serious benefits.

Cuddling can raise and build oxytocin and serotonin, decreasing depression and relieving Lilly cuddleanxiety, while strengthening the immune system. Studies show that we thrive on contact and a lack of human interaction can lead to depression, stress, high blood pressure and aggression. Oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the love or bonding hormone lowers high levels of stress and blood pressure. Safe consensual human touch reduces anxiety and can accelerate our healing mentally, physically, emotionally. We often feel calmer and happier after cuddling with a loved one, human or fur baby.

“A+ rating for tranquility and cuddles…may I include exquisite care of clients.”

male 76 years of age

retired Vietnam Vet