UB imageWhat is “Unlimited Body”?

Unlimited Body is based on your body’s natural inclination and ability to heal itself. It is a powerful yet gentle hands-on healing art which promotes non-doing and deep listening. Knowing the language of the body guides us to releasing cellular memories or trauma stored in the tissue, and to recognizing the messages our bodies are trying to communicate to us. This is a wonderful way to surrender and let health happen. The body never lies. All we have to do is remember its ancient language embedded in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

Unlimited Body uses the physical body as the pathway to healing and success. Our bodies come fully equipped to heal themselves, and with that all of us have amazing untapped potential to achieve our dreams and desires. Untapped potential that we uncover as we heal, and become more embodied.

Pain is the result of tension or trauma which manifests as muscle contractions and immobility. Unlimited Body helps to relax and release the emotion or memory that is usually present in the contraction that caused the tightness to begin with. It restores the body to optimal health by releasing inhibiting cellular memories and restoring the body’s natural and original flexibility. Unlimited Body assists your healing power to flow more easily and effectively. It relieves stress-related symptoms by bringing about deep relaxation.

What is an Unlimited Body Session like?

At the beginning of the session the client states their specific goal, then the practitioner explores his/her Body Language to identify how his/her dis-ease is held in the body. Through this process, the client will discover how to create the change they want, and will then lay (clothing on) on the table for the hands-on session. In an Unlimited Body session, the practitioner follows the natural flow of your body to support it in choosing to let go of the block rather than adjusting or manipulating the body to achieve a prescribed release. Unlimited Body uses a Safe Touch that feels very present, non-manipulative, supportive and relaxing.

As the body is supported to feel safe, you can truly relax, reveal, and permanently let go of hidden restrictions and find relief from pain, disease or anxiety. You may also find clarity in a relationship or career path, or just end up feeling better. It is not a form of massage, palpitation, stimulation or triggering to create a result, but rather a process of honoring the body’s innate movements to unravel the complex combination of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual components creating the block in the first place. This is all accomplished by carefully and skillfully listening to the subtle movements and messages of the body. As these messages are received and allowed to be experienced and expressed fully, the body will let go of the restrictions and open up to your natural healthy state or to achieving your desired goal.

Each person’s experience of an Unlimited Body session will be unique. Some possible experiences may include buzzing, tingling, lightness or heaviness, colors, emotions, memories, profound insights, calm, peacefulness, temperature changes, and a sensation of bubbles or rubber bands as stored memories are released from the body. The length of the session is based more on achieving the releases desired in the body, not on the clock.

At the end of the session, the client gets up and experiences their “New Body” (while walking), as the practitioner encourages the client to stay aware of how he/she feels as they become more familiar with their “New Body.”

Sessions are between 90-120 minutes. Sessions may be purchased in packages. For more information on pricing, please visit our Investment page.

If you want physical relief, you can benefit from an Unlimited Body session. If you are ready to realize your body’s Healing potential, you want the Unlimited Body Ten Session Empowerment. As an Unlimited Body Practitioner, we generally work with clients through a series of sessions. Each session in the series builds on the next and it is a very powerful life-changing experience. These safe and gentle hands-on sessions can relieve pain, release traumas, speed up recovery, relax stress, and rejuvenate the body.

Clients should allow time for further integration after each session. Two sessions per month is generally advised.

Are You Ready to Rediscover Your Unlimited Potential?

What clients have experienced from a session…

*relief from physical pain or discomfort *relief from emotional issues *healing from past injuries, surgeries and/or traumatic experiences *more peace and joy *more movement in their physical body *more expansion and enjoyment of life *letting go of things that no longer serve them *releasing old patterns or past life scenarios

“He who realizes the truth of the body can then come to realize the truth of the universe.”
Rat Nas Tantra

“Before I met Unlimited Body I experienced depression, chronic fatigue, problems with my menstrual cycle since being 14 years old. Because of the pain I had all over I looked for relief. I tried yoga, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, colonics, Ayuveda and chiropractic, but my condition didn’t improve. I stumbled on Unlimited Body and my practitioner taught me that my body heals itself if I can surrender to my deep feelings, sadness and hopelessness. I felt so safe through the hands-on touch that I had a huge relief and my physical pain went away. I recommend Unlimited Body because it worked for me when nothing else worked.”

“I have had and 18 year history of TMJ syndrome. My symptoms included significant jaw pain, teeth grinding and gum recession. I also had a severe cross bite that was corrected as a child with braces and continued wearing a biting block every night for 18 years. In an Unlimited Body session I had an almost violent release of my jaw, then an incredible despair and then a floating sensation in my jaw, something I had never experienced before. After this my life changed. I had no more pain and I was not grinding my teeth any more.”

“Since getting Unlimited Body sessions I know longer have chronic pain in my head, neck, lower back or leg and the leg length discrepancy was actually an unleveled pelvis due to muscle tightness on one side which was restored to level position through my Unlimited Body sessions. I also have much more movement in these areas. I also feel my body more and have become aware of how my body communicates to me. Before my Unlimited Body experience I used to wonder “Is this all there is?” but now I experience that there is much more to life and it is mine to live.”