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A New View of Women’s Sexual Anatomy and Arousal!

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Awakening the Goddess:

Secrets of Female Ecstasy!

Specialty Sessions, for Women & Men.

Learn more about women’s sexual anatomy and arousal, and become more fluent in the language, and art, of female orgasms.

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Would you like to ignite more sexual energy in your body as a woman? Or in your female lovers? To become, or help them become, more orgasmic easily and naturally?
We offer private and semi-private specialty sessions and classes on the keys to female sensual and sexual healing, awakening, and pleasure. Delve into the world of women’s sexuality, for her pleasure, in and out of the bedroom.
An essential ingredient is missing from most women’s lives: the ability to tap into their own arousal, and therefore turn on their life.
An empowering sex education will be presented, including cutting edge information on female anatomy, as well as a deepening into the understanding of sacred sexuality.
A homeplay program (via email) will be assigned, to continue your pleasure research.
This is vital information for any woman, or man, at any stage of life.

What if it were possible to awaken and empower multiple female orgasms, and even ecstasy, more often than not? 

Contact Sacred Temple Arts for more information, and to receive the keys to women’s deepest pleasure centers!