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*Please note...only serious students/clients welcome. 

If you are not prepared to make a committed investment: time, money and energy wise, please do not waste my time or yours.

I create programs that are positively life changing. They are designed to provide you with a sex, intimacy, relationship (and/or wellness) education and IQ, beyond 99% of the populations! 

*The purpose of the Complimentary Consultation is for learning more about how my services can assist you, answering questions and choosing and/or designing the perfect program fit for you. These are not free education and coaching sessions for specific issues.* 

*If you are seeking to receive education or coaching in relation to any sex, intimacy, relationship and/or wellness issue or challenge specifically, please refer to the Sacred Temple Arts Taster option below.*

My sessions and programs are highly unique in the amount of in-depth personal attention and customization I provide.
Clients commit and invest in programs as these have the long term life changing and empowering results far beyond a one time session. 
I work with individuals and their partners depending on what they are needing/desiring.

Clients fill out forms (such as the New Student Client Questionnaire) prior to working with me, so I may fully customize their session or program.

I do not have an hourly fee. This is about an investment in yourself.  
My rates are based on results, my decades of experience and extensive education and trainings-both in and out of academia.

Programs generally start at 4K and are more often 7-10K+ . There are different options and pricing depending on your needs and desires. Pleasure check out my *Ways To Invest In Yourself pages, too!

My best clients are people who are committed and all in. Those that truly desire real change and far greater pleasure in their bodies, relationships and lives. This journey takes time for most to create overall transformation. Sure you will progress quickly, and we don't want just progress, we want transformation that is going to last-an ongoing evolution and expansion.

More Organic & Orgasmic Living! 🙂

The way that I work is in a mentorship fashion, which means that we work together directly, usually once or twice a month. In between your appointments with me you will have access to me, communications through email and text. You will have custom designed homeplay program assignments. We will touch base depending on your needs/desires. I will be available to guide, support, celebrate and assist you throughout your program. You are really investing in getting my focus, attention, energy, care and of course expertise all through your program.

I'm most passionate in working with people who understand that this journey is beyond just them. They understand that this is about a greater mission together. We will be partners in helping this world to become a place filled with more pleasure, healing and consciousness, around embodied intimacy and sexuality. This journey is unlike other personal growth experiences you may have gone on. 

If this sounds like a path you want to explore, and you are committed to make a financial investment, then let's discuss what results you are seeking. As well as what's been stopping you from getting those results. Let’s get you more of what it is you truly desire…sex, intimacy, relationship and wellness wise.

"Sacha is an AMAZING coach. I was guided by the Universe to talk with her after I had interviewed nearly a dozen tantric guides and coaches (it was obvious most wanted to sell me expensive programs and didn't want to listen to me). Sacha took her time to listen and understand how to really help me in my unique situation. After decades of silence she guided me to find my true voice of expression. I now find myself effectively communicating about my deepest desires. Without her support, that voice would have remained forever silent. "

-Ken Sakamoto

*If you are looking to do a single session before deciding upon a program...
I occasionally only offer a one-time session of 2 hours virtual ($400 individual, $500 couple) or 3 hours in-person ($600 individual, $700 couple). Sessions come with a custom designed homeplay program emailed after the session. 

*I also offer a one hour phone call called a Sacred Temple Arts Taster (*more info below)* for $225. This is essentially to give you laser focus on whatever it is you have a challenge with currently. You can ask me anything in regards to sex, intimacy, relationships, erotic and wellness arts. No paperwork is required for the one hour call. 

Let me know more about what you are looking for and what you are considering. 
Reach out with any questions!
If my offerings seem like a good fit, then we can set up a call (virtual if preferred) to discuss more. 

Consider This An Invitation To Your Overall, Intimate & Erotic Health, Wellness, Pleasure & Expansion! In 2023-2024, & Beyond!

I look forward to speaking with you.

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*Please always check your time zone. *And note that the appointments once scheduled may not be confirmed prior to as there can be issues with emails from me going to your spam. Booking  is confirmation.

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*If you are reaching out through an international phone number you will not be able to reach me through text. And If you leave a voicemail, please leave an email for me to reach you at to set up a Zoom. I do not return calls or text to international numbers through this business number.*


*Sacred Temple Arts Taster!*

You are invited to experience a single session of sex, intimacy, relationship and/or wellness whispering.
On this private one hour phone call ask anything in regards to erotic, intimate and/or healing arts!
Laser focused intuitive coaching, education and guidance to improve these essential aspects of your life immediately!
No prerequisites or paperwork!
You may want to take notes as homeplay may be offered as part of for your ongoing overall intimate and erotic health, wellness, pleasure and expansion.
Please have a place to sit comfortably and/or lie down as energywork may be included.
Investment is only $225!
Or packages of 3 for $600 or 5 for $800!
Payment is taken electronically in advance to hold your appointment time.
You will send Sacha an email in advance about what you would like the focus of your session to be along with any questions and requests. 

Some STA Taster Session Possibilities…

Sex, Intimacy &/Or Relationship Coaching & Education

Tantra Practices

Introduction To Erotic Blueprints™ 

Intuitive Energywork

Access Consciousness™

Essential Oils Consultations

Gem & Flower Essence Therapy

Meditation & Breathwork

Intuitive Readings

Law of Attraction & Sex Magic

Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis Audio’s

Spirit Communication & Entity Facilitation

Self Pleasure Expansion Coaching

Orgasm Education & Coaching

Create Your Intimacy Plan

Increase Libido, Passion & Creativity

Wellness Issues & Challenges

Relationship Resourcing & Recovery

Better Consent & Communication Skills

Navigating Dating Online & Otherwise

Choosing Alternative Styles Of Relationships

Increasing Confidence

Healing Body Dysmorphia

Explore Fantasies & Erotic Edges

Whatever You Desire/Need To Talk About & Receive Support & Guidance On!...

Sacred Temple Arts Taster To The Rescue!

Contact Sacha via text or call now to book your taster session #978-309-9399

Do you want more love and better sex?

Do you desire a more satisfying sex, and love life, partnered or not?

Discover how Sacred Temple Arts can help you get the sex & love life you really want!

"Highly sexed people always have a plentiful supply of magnetism."

"Sex desire is the most powerful of all human desires."

"The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind and spirit."

"Love, Romance, and Sex, are all emotions capable of driving (humans) to super achievement."

- Napoleon Hill

Ready for immediate access to an invaluable intimacy education that will uplevel your sex and love life, partnered or not?

*Check out Sacha’s video courses on HOT Topics such as The Erotic Blueprints™, Tantra, Sexual Healing & Awakening, Becoming A Master Lover, How To Become An Expert Kisser, How To Do Sex Magic, Giving Superior Cunnilingus, Best Fellatio For Her Pleasure, plus informative interviews and SO MUCH MORE! (*previously featured on my Binge network channel) for your…Best Sex & Love Life!

Here’s to your extraordinarily empowering  sex education!

*Sacha's Sacred Temple Arts YouTube Channel 50+ videos for...

To Your Overall, Intimate & Erotic, Health, Wellness, Pleasure, Education, Empowerment & Expansion!

"I am getting so much from your videos!  They are wonderful.  I have been spent the last 2 years searching material from several lightworkers and none ever spoke to me like yours."

"Watched all of the rest of your fellatio videos tonite and shared much with my lover. This is having magnificent results on my confidence and reducing inhibition levels."


*For an introduction to the Erotic Blueprints™ & Sacred Temple Arts in general, click here*...