“It’s Good to Be Queen”, states the sign a dear client gifted me this week. Along with the feedback that, “Everything positive in my life is happening since I started working with you!” We have worked together for about a year, once every couple months she had a Best Sex and Love Life Session with me. Now her husband has joined her and we are in the midst of their first package of these sessions. “I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and how much you have helped us- SO MUCH!!! Things are SO Good and I am SO Happy! My dreams are coming true!”, she gushed.

I allowed myself to receive her praise deep into my being. Reminding myself that Queen’s know how to receive fully and they do so deeply and graciously. In the past, I would have glossed over and probably tossed back compliments to her without ever really stopping for a moment to breathe in the words and energy of this very high praise that was so sincerely, generously, and adoringly given. Thank Goddess for my teacher Alison Armstrong and her workshops and books on “The Queen’s Code”. (There is an upcoming Queen’s workshop in Boston for any women interested, and an online book course that men can do too, to learn more about women.

I am SO Happy that this lovely woman has, and continues to, awaken her true power, her sexuality, her radiance and beauty, her career, and of course her beloved marriage! It is my joy to see how much she has grown, and how much more PLEASURE she has in her body and life now! The connection and intimacy and juiciness between her and her man is exponential since they walked through my door only 3 sessions ago for the first time together.

The very first session her highly skeptical husband completely disarmed, and literally jumped out of his seat to hug me. He explained that I had been more helpful and beneficial in the last hour then any of the other (marriage) therapy they had tried. He was delightfully transformed into a beaming appreciated, and appreciating, King before my eyes. Each time after that they have showed up for a session, the loving and sexy energy between them has made a complete impact even on their physical appearance. This couple looks so youthful compared to when I first saw them together. So much more ALIVE!

My bedroom“It’s Good To Be Queen”, says the signpost now hanging on my side of the bed.

A present reminder that I am a Queen, also Goddess, Priestess, and Dakini. I not only claim these titles, but embody these energies.

I empower women (that want to be!) to awaken and preside as Queen’s, and to harmonize and enliven their Temptress, in the most positive manner that she was made for. I provide men with energy and awareness and support to be fully in their power as, or to become, Kings, and to claim and exalt their Queen’s. If they are in a younger different stage of life, then I help with the specific needs of that stage.

God, I just love my work.

A heartfelt and orgasmic THANK YOU, to every client I have ever had and to every one that I will have. AND XOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXO!

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P.S And in case you are confused with the photo, no none of my work with clients happens in my private Queen quarters. That space is reserved for my beloved King and I to make Magic.