Sex Is Not About Effort. It’s About Energy.

“The most important thing I have learned about sex is that it’s not about effort as much as it is about running energy,” my partner stated after two hours of us running sexual energy.

What does that mean, to “run energy” and what does it mean to do it sexually? Learning through experience is the best way. With intention and visualization you can get your energy to run into another person, and they can receive and run it back to you in the same manner. For some it takes a little time to develop being able to feel the energy, with others it is immediate.

In sessions at Sacred Temple Arts, we teach you how to open up to, to feel, to conduct, to play with and explore this energy in your own body and with a partner. I teach from a holistic and Tantric background, my partner from his natural intuition and his engineering background. We can teach you how to do this, but you will really get it when you experience it in your own body for the first time. We help provide this through sacred touch and running energy with you. We don’t touch your genitals and you don’t have to be naked. Running sexual energy for healing is perfectly safe and can be done fully clothed in person, or by distance. Similar to giving or receiving Reiki and other types of energy work. Running sexual energy is really not mysterious.

“Put away your pointless taboos and restrictions on sexual energy, rather help others to truly understand its wonder, and to channel it properly.”

– Neale Donald Walsh

We all have had at some point in our lives moments where we felt aroused and turned on in a way that is tuned into Universal source energy and feels purely delicious, perhaps even frisky. Similar to the natural state children have until they are conditioned out of feeling pleasure as their norm. This is when our energy is balanced and flowing, and includes our sexual energy effortlessly.

When we choose to focus specifically on our sexual energy we can create more power in the energy we are running. If this energy is run straight from one’s genitals to your partner, he/she may feel uncomfortable, or they may enjoy it. For example, a woman sending energy from her pussy/yoni straight to a man’s lingam/cock may instigate arousal, even from across a room or even a continent. And vice versa. Likewise a stranger sending pure sexual energy from the genitals to another could bring unease and instigate feelings of being invaded. It is important to balance the energy by bringing it up through your chakras (energy centers) and through your heart, hands, third eye or crown.

“Sex can be a time of total dissolution in love. Sex can bathe every cell in your body with light, bliss, and life force. Sex can be an ecstatic practice of open-hearted communion and surrender to infinity. Or, sex can be 10 or 20 minutes of genital stimulation ending in a spasm of biological relief.”

-David Deida

In Tantra we run orgasmic energy through all parts of ourselves.

Eye gazing is one of the first ways we learn to do this. Try this out with a willing partner. Anyone can learn how to run sexual energy consciously. When you learn to run sexual energy, you can help heal and bring your partner to orgasm energetically. This is a life skill that we believe should be taught and practiced as part of sex education. Sex without running energy is just two body parts meeting, where we feel that the energy and spark that naturally occurs is the worthwhile goal. If you are feeling a little shut down and not fully experiencing this we can help you get that spark back.

First Steps for Running Sexual Energy

  1. Clear Yourself. Check out how clear your energy is. Do you feel good? What do you feel? What are you thinking? Yes, your thoughts are included in this. Always remember this: Energy Follows Thought. It is Universal Law. Notice what you are thinking! Ask that any energy that is not yours or serving you be run out through the bottoms of your feet or out through your fingers into the Earth for Transmutation. Always clear your energy first, and then Ground Yourself. This should be our mantra before doing anything, but especially when it comes to sending energy to another. There are many methods of grounding. One simple way is to imagine you have roots growing energetically down deep into the core of the Earth. Now draw the Earth‘s energy up through your feet.
  2. Find out Where you want to direct your energy to and for What purpose? It is always best to ask first. Ask for permission to do so, and do not be attached to the outcome. Are you sending energy for healing, arousal, support, nurturing, strength, the list is limitless. Decide prior to sending. Ask what they would like or what they might need. What quality of energy might your partner wish to receive? Ask them to place your hands where they would like to have energy run to.  Ask them where there body is calling for touch/healing/connection? Connecting the heart chakra (center of chest in between breasts) and the genitals (a gently cupping of) is a powerful method for those who feel safe in this level of connection.

This is just one very easy way to get started playing more with your sexual energy in and out of the bedroom. When you are ready to take it to the next steps and add more energy and pleasure to this, then please reach out to us and we will help you take that next step. Learn how to help you and your partner recover from illnesses, gain more self-confidence, and increase your pleasure and love in everything that you do.

Also practice these steps with yourself. A solo self-healing practice of running sexual energy is as essential as a self-pleasuring (masturbation) practice for becoming a better more attuned lover and partner.

Come to us (in person or virtually) for more information and practices. We offer a complimentary initial consultation by phone you can sign up for here and find out more about how we can empower your sex and life!

 Let Us Help You Become More Sexually Awake & Alive!

In Pleasure,


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