Please Share Your Thoughts for a Chance to Win a 1 Hour Skype Session with Sacred Temple Arts

Did you know that July 28 is National Milk Chocolate Day? Now I prefer my chocolate dark only, but regardless as to what your favorite kind is…

Why do we love chocolate so much?

Researchers have found that eating chocolate releases Dopamine, that luscious feel good chemical in the brain that gives us a natural high. This is the exact same chemical our brains release when we are laughing, celebrating a victory, or having mind-blowing sex!

As many of you juicy Goddesses and Gods know, I have been busy lately. Sacred Temple Arts is growing faster than I imagined and sometimes my schedule fills up. I have teamed up with a lovely professor from a university just north of us (we shall call her Dr. G) in order to bring our classes to more people.

Of course, I will remain available for in person and virtual session work with my clients, but this new branch of Sacred Temple Arts will allow more people to access the information when it is convenient for them, in the privacy of their own homes.

Would you take a few minutes to help us plan our next steps?

People who answer a short 10 question survey will be entered in to a drawing to win a 1 hour Virtual Consultation with me!

Just click this link: Sacred Temple Arts Survey

Sacred Temple Arts Survey

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… and if you don’t plan on celebrating National Milk Chocolate day and releasing some of that Dopamine that way, then let me help you to get that mind-blowing sex that is possible for anyone, with a partner or not!