Orgasms Oh My!…so many types to be had!

Isn’t it time to expand your orgasms?
Orgasms no longer need be the equivalent of a good pelvic sneeze. Nothing is wrong with pelvic sneezes, and an occasional one can bring great relief to some pent up tension, emotions and sexual energy. But once you expand beyond these more limited types of orgasms, you never really go back. It’s kind of like having the choice between a gourmet meal or McDonald’s.

Don’t worry, if you are accustomed to orgasms that feel almost entirely like a pelvic/genital contraction(s) then release, followed by a refractory period, be appreciative that you are having orgasms! Many people, especially women, do not. You don’t have to give up any of your favorite orgasms (most often ejaculatory ones for men, clitoral for women) to add in new ones to your repertoire. Let’s face it,

All orgasms are good orgasms!

Orgasms release stress, flood our systems with endorphin’s, give us a beneficial hormone bath, boost our moods and our immune systems. In theory, they can make us look and feel younger, too. But this depends on how old you are, and whether you are experiencing life enhancing orgasms, or life depleting orgasms. How do you generally feel after you orgasm? Recharged? Refueled? Relaxed? Exhausted?

Life depleting orgasms are ones that make you feel tired afterwards. They bring on a contraction of life force and energy, a refractory period. Rather than coming, you are suddenly going…possibly to sleep. You may lose your connection to your partner, if you have one, easily during and especially after a climax. Life depleting orgasms are generally focused in one area, usually the cock or the clitoris. They tend to be brought on by more friction type stimulation, producing a steep rise in sensation, then a fast and hard release/contraction/climax. You will find you are often holding your breath, and/or shallowly breathing, and only moving in one area or direction leading up to, and/or during, this possible part of orgasm called climax. There is nothing wrong with this. It is what we were essentially told orgasm is.

In the worlds of sacred sexuality, and tantra, orgasm is a state of being, rather than a climactic experience.

When it becomes a full body, sensual, peaks and valley’s, goalless, spiritually connected experience, orgasm and eventual possible climax, become life enhancing. Your chakras align and alight. Your energy/life force flows and spreads your sexual essence all over your body. Your awareness is greatly expanded. Your focus is on building, spreading, and playing with your sexual fire. Instead of seeking a genitally focused release/relief, you are directing the energy upwards into your head, and increasing your consciousness. Your kundalini may become involved in this act. You are breathing fully, sounding and moving your body.

In the past few weeks I have had pelvic sneeze orgasms on my own accord as a mini computer work break, sort of like eating junk food. But generally by far, full body energy orgasmic states of being are my priority, and possibly my most favorite thing to do in life. Be it through a full body hug, orgasmic spiritual ecstasy floating in a quarry, bliss in deep communion with Nature, a culinary orgasm over an Indian meal, a kundalini type orgasm during love making, or soulgasm’s while receiving sacred spot massage from my partner, I am an orgasm junkie. My life is about living orgasmically-orgasmic states of being. Not just having peak climactic experiences followed by retraction and refraction. My orgasms expand my energy so much that I truly feel limitless. And oh the pleasure, the pure pleasure, and the connection, to myself, the cosmos, and my partner if he is part of, it’s just inexplicably powerful.

I named a new type of orgasm!

I have recently had soulgasm’s. I experienced mind-blowing spiritual expansion coupled with deeper embodiment of my soul, and energy, into my body/form. Yes, you can truly feel such things happening when you are in orgasmic states of consciousness. One of these soulgasms had first uncontrollable pelvic rocking, my tailbone cracking, then my entire spine realigning, accompanied by vibrant colors. It felt like my chakra system blossomed and imploded at the same time (who knows if that is possible, but I believe everything generally is). Then I felt total stillness. I sensed that I was inside my body in a new and deeper way. I could feel more inside and out. My partner took me in his arms. I felt closer to him than I ever have. Our souls merged in union. Total complete connection.
I’ve only had that experience one time before. The time we brought our bodies together after having been apart due to a break up that lasted months. That’s how we knew we had to get back together. Our bodies don’t lie. Not like that. You can experience crazy drug like hormonal baths and sexual chemistry that can dope you into bad relationships and experiences, but this was not that. This was/is spiritual union and harmony on a soul level that has nothing to do with massive hormonal surges.

As I lay there in his arms feeling the resonance and healing residual from the soulgasm, I had the massive awareness that it was I who had been blocking this from happening before, because of my own lack of connection to myself! My lack of being in my body fully! As a Tantra teacher/sex educator sexpert, I still have healing to do. I am the first to admit I am still healing trauma. And my biggest wounds are my greatest gifts, and my best medicine, as well as they brought about my mission and service to help other become more sexually empowered and embodied too.

No matter what your trauma history is, you can learn to be orgasmic, have orgasms, and more importantly, live orgasmically.

You can learn how to open up your body and your awareness to the states of orgasm that are fitting for you. Some sexperts say there are a limited number of types of orgasms there are, many will give you a list and a number. My opinion is:

Orgasms are limitless. The number of orgasms, the types of orgasms, and orgasmic states, are limitless. Limitless.

Discover your own limitlessness through cultivating life enhancing orgasmic states. This is a big step towards having a better sex and love life. Claim your favorite types of orgasm and expand them. Play with new types and styles. How many do you have, or have you had?

Do you feel like there is more that you are missing?
Let us coach you on how to do this. We can teach you techniques and practices for expanded orgasms, massive orgasms, spontaneous orgasms, spiritual orgasms, soulgasms, multiple orgasms, G-spot, U-spot, P-spot, A-spot, cervical, (there is quite a list now of known hot sexy orgasmic spots, and they are mostly in women), anal and the list goes on. Are you even interested in having spiritual orgasms and awakening, or do you simply want to have full body orgasm for the first time? Whatever it is that your orgasmic desire and vision is, own it and accept that you can have it.

Your Orgasms Are Unique To You. Don’t Try To Have What Someone Else Is Having.

Ultimately, it’s all about only what feels best to you.

Choose what orgasms you would like to have.

Believe you can have them.
Begin to awaken & expand your sexual energy more, by being more authentically you, sexually and otherwise.
Your orgasms should be your choice, your way.

Just like your life should be. It’s not about what works for others, just you.

There is no cookie cutter model that works for becoming more orgasmic.

But by becoming, and being, more of your unique self, sexually and otherwise, you naturally become more open, attuned and orgasmic, as part of relaxing into being authentically you.

The next step in shifting your sexual energy (and life!) from culminating and dispersing in short-lived climax, and to expanding orgasm and consciousness, is to move energy upwards in your body.

The following can help with this:

Visualization, Meditation & Breathing Techniques
Sounding & Movement
PC Muscle Exercises (Kegels)
Learning More About Your Anatomy of Arousal
Awakening, Running & Directing Sexual Energy
Self-Pleasure Practices
Releasing Trauma Through Energy & Bodywork
Connecting More To Your Senses, Your Body, & Nature

Essentially, besides these great methods (all of which we teach in person and through Skype), remember that the more you get tuned in, tapped in and turned on in your entire body and in your life, not just while stroking your genitals, the more likely you are to experience orgasmic states, and new types and qualities of orgasms.

I would love to hear from you if you have experienced, or if you come to experience a new kind of orgasm or orgasmic state for yourself!
Here’s to your orgasmic living!

P.S This is a repost from a previous newsletter, (August 2016), so I apologize if you are reading for a second time.

P.P.S Check out this video that will help you to have more and different kinds of orgasms!