Phew. Winter Solstice is tonight. The return of the daylight slowly begins. Time to welcome and celebrate this event, as our ancestors did if that fits for you. Or simply come up with your own ritual. Here is one I like to do:

Attune to, and then choose to release, the darkness inside you. Bitterness and wounds you may have chosen this past year, or before, let go of with a fire ceremony. Simply burn up what you write down that you wish to transform now. Take some deep breaths and imagine these not- wanted things, feelings and experiences flushing out through your feet down into the Earth. She is transforming the energy for you. Now focus on feeling and visualizing the things, feelings and experiences you do want. Bring them into focus so clearly as a sensory experience that it’s like they are happening right now! Invoke them into your body. Ask the Earth to give you what you need to do so. Write them down as a reminder of the seeds you have sown for this coming year.

Include invoking and raising your sexual energy in this ritual. Add fuel to the fire. Make it orgasmic. Self-pleasure, make love, bring pleasure in whatever way works for you, to feel sexy, hot and alive. As you awaken your orgasmic nature, you immediately embody more light. You will physically be aware of more lightness of being. You will see, feel and experience more light permeating your whole body, and being especially more present in your head, heart and genitals possibly. People will notice. They will be attracted to your new glow.

This light of more consciousness, of soul light, that will infuse you more, will also dredge up the darkest recesses in your being. Don’t judge when all the crap comes up and out! Allow for the purging process by being gentle and honoring the dark times with rest, inward focus, drinking lots of water, and any soothing practices that serve you. This makes way for more light, more pleasure, more orgasm to come in.

I had the most amount of light I have ever felt pervade me recently during an orgasm. It was incredibly tangible to me in its infiniteness. I was simply laying on a massage table receiving my partners special touch technique. It combined clitoral stroking with G-spot/Sacred Spot touch, which I had asked for as I needed some pre-ovulation relief. The level of opening and orgasm that rolled through me was a full blown light show internally, that was so strong it took me many minutes before I could move afterwards. I lay in bliss while I felt my cells integrating the experience. I am still reeling and reveling from this deepening of more embodied light. I was high as a kite, feeling filled and overflowing with light, for an entire day and night.

Then the storm came, and raged, and continued for another day. I was consumed by sadness, grief, fear, anxiety, and so forth. Plunged into negative experiences. Experiencing resistance in everything I touched it seemed. I was in a sucky place. Then I remembered my own teachings again about expansion and contraction of energy, especially sexual energy. I recognized hey-it’s the darkest day of the year for me here! I am mirroring Nature. I expanded, I contracted. In breath, out breath, repeat.

Phew. It’s Solstice. And the Light is returning tonight.

Happy Solstice! May you embody more of your Light through Orgasm! And also Honor your Darkness as part of the process.

The path to pleasure is undoubtedly filled with tears, too.

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