Lately, a lot of friends, family and clients have been going through some really heavy shit. Personally and collectively times have been tough. So I am sharing with you some of my favorite healing and empowerment resources. Having been expanding my consciousness through healing arts and healing myself for twenty years now, I don’t mess around when it comes to choosing only the cream of the crop of techniques. Check them out! I am sure some will deeply resonate with you, and even easily change your life for the better!

*For Manifesting Your Vision & Learning Necessary Law of Attraction Life Skills:

-The film The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

-Everything Abraham-Hicks! (

-Creating Vision Boards-Google video’s on and find what fits for you!

-Sarah Prout

-Desire Map by Danielle Laporte (

-Customized Law of Attraction Sessions and Sex Magic Ritual Sessions! Check them out here: Click here!

Sacha-0171*For More Healing, More Consciousness, & More Empowerment:

– Everything Access Consciousness™ Access Consciousness!: Click here for products!

-Access Consciousness™ & Body Process Sessions™: Click here!

-GP Walsh:

-(For women) Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts:


*Female Entrepreneurs Sacha is in love with:

-Marie Forleo:

-Christina Morassi:

*My friend who is an awesome Movement Coach with a biz called Vivacious Mama


* Sacha’s Personal:

-Empowerment Coach: & check out her book Peace: The Flip Side of Anger (incredible tool for healing and raising vibration)

Reiki-Shamanic Practitioner:

Minister, Reverend Deborah Hogan:


*A helpful article on Empaths that everyone should read:


*Flower Essences: for physical/emotional/mental/soul support & healing & manifesting:


-Rescue Remedy:

-Customized Flower Essence Remedies for your specific needs:


*Essential Oils: Do terra- Click here!

I also offer sessions using Do terra essential oils check out my Aroma Touch Healing Sessions





*Tantra: (here are just a couple for now)

Source Tantra: Click here & check out their products and seminars!

And of course my own website & social media biz pages:   Please Subscribe, Share & Like!

In this photo I am holding my dissertation that was about 300 pages written about women’s sexual healing and pleasure! And yes I know I need to make it less academic and to publish it! I just have not gotten around to that yet.Sacha-0181


*My other favorite Empowering Sexuality Practice: OM (Orgasmic Meditation)

Please note I am an affiliate of 3 of these companies (Do terra, Access Consciousness™, Source Tantra) as I love their products so much! So if you purchase anything through the links above for those companies I may receive a small compensation for. Thanks!

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And let me know what you like of these resources I’ve shared here please!

To your Orgasmic everything!